Soul Drop Maiden
Original Run2016-2017
Soul Drop Maiden (ソウルドロップメイデン Sourudoroppumeiden?) is a magical girl anime by Anburoshia.




  • Barasono Harumi
    • Harumi is the female lead of Soul Drop Maiden. She's the fifth girl to be given a Soul Ring. Harumi is a haughty and somewhat arrogant girl, who cares in her own way. Even so, she has her sweet moments at times. After transforming, Harumi utilizes red roses.
  • Yukimura Usagi
    • Usagi is the male lead of Soul Drop Maiden. He's the human half of the White Rabbit, who acts as a referee and opens the portals into the battle ground. He usually fights with Harumi over stupid things, but generally cares about her. He has a fear of spiders.

Magical GirlsEdit

  • Kurokawa Tsubasa
    • The first girl to be given a Soul Ring. She's the most ambitious and rude girl. After transforming, Tsubasa utilizes black feathers.
  • Utano Kanon
    • The second girl to be given a Soul Ring. She's more of an observer than a fighter, who can escape form any situation. After transforming, Kanon utilizes sound waves.
  • Kimiya Ageha
    • The third girl to be given a Soul Ring. She's faithful and honest but a bit selfish. After transforming, Ageha utilizes plants. She can also nourish memories.
  • Miyamoto Ren
    • The fourth girl to be given a Soul Ring. She's honest, polite and calm. After transforming, Ren utilizes a giant pair of scissors. She can cut memories.
  • Fujita Kiichigo
    • The sixth girl to be given a Soul Ring. She's a crybaby and rather lonely girl, who yearns for companionship. After transforming, Kiichigo utilizes vines.
  • Hoju Kirari
    • The seventh girl to be given a Soul Ring. Kirari is is unstable and jealous sick girl. After transforming, Kirari utilizes thorns.


  • White Rabbit
    • The White Rabbit takes the form of the referee during battles. He's the one who gave each girl a Soul Ring but is not the creator of them. Before the series he was seperated into two different entities, Usagi and Lune.
  • Lune
    • Lune is a hare owned by Usagi. He's the rabbit half of the Rabbit Demon.


  • Soul Rings - A ring that alllows the wearer to gain a specific power after transforming.




  • The series is based of Rozen Maiden

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