Soul Beast
StudioOriental Light and Magic
LicensorTV Tokyo
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunApril 3, 2016
Opening SongAll in one
Ending SongDream Stone


Iris Bradshaw was a clumsy, cute, smiling and normal girl until she saw a cute flying pink and white rabbit flying around her, her parents told her that she possesses a Soul Beast. Soul beasts are sort of mystic animals wich possesses magical powers, they come from the soul and will of the person they came from, they have to be one with their trainers who also possesses powers. At the Seaside Training Academy she met her childhood bestfriend Matt Beauvilliers (of french origins) and is roommate with her, they both get very along (tough Matt is secretly deeply in love with her) and they both trains to level up in the grades. They also fight with other Soul Trainers to level up but just friendly matches, Iris and Matt are determined to have fun as Soul Trainers. The matches and the school locates at the cute town of Seaside Hills in the Stone Island, Soul Beast Tournaments and matches are famous there and Soul Trainers come from all around the world. Iris and Matt are determined to fullfil their goals as Soul Trainers.


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