Sono Mukou ga Mukougawa: The Animation
その向こうの向こう側 ~その境界を越えて~
(Sono Mukou ga Mukougawa: Beyond that Boundaries)
1434542193203 20150617204435307
LicensorMedia Blaster
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunJanuary 1st, 2016 - Ongoing
Opening SongSoul Mate
Ending SongBeyond That Boundaries

Sono Mukou ga Mukougawa: Sono Kyoukai wo Koete (その向こうの向こう側 ~その境界を越えて~, Sono Mukou ga Mukougawa: Beyond that boundaries) is a fanmade shoujo anime spin-off of the Seinen manga Sono Mukou ga Mukougawa. It takes place on the same universe of the manga.


List of Sono Mukou ga Mukougawa: Beyond that Boundaries Episodes
Upon awakening, a sibling found themselves in the world of Aureole.

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