Snow Valkyrie
('Suno Barukiri')
StudioJ.C Staff
NetworkTV Tokyo
Opening SongDepths Of Ice
Ending SongIce Queen

Snow Valkyrie (スノーバルキリー Suno Barukiri) is a fantasy anime created by MikuHatsune145. It revolves around Ellie Bartoletti and her new life as an Edryne.


Ellie Bartoletti is an italian girl living in Japan, she was an average girl, spending time with her friends, shopping, reading....Until a day when she accidentally freezes something with her ice powers. Her parents revealed her the truth: she and Yuki are Edrynes, people with icy blue eyes who can manipulate cold. Since she knows the truth, she frequently visits the island and trains to use her newfound powers and weapons.

She wants to save her island and from the demons that invades the islands of the Six Balances to take control of the elements. During her journey she met Noah, who was fleeing from the demons, they want him to reveal the position of their source of power. She introduced him to the world of humans, he trains and her little brother with their weapons and powers. They all three journeys to save their island and at the same time living a normal life.


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