Sister Squad
('Shisutā Sukuwaddo')
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunJune 22, 2016
Opening SongRiot Rhythm
Ending SongWicked Ones

Sister Squad (シスター・スクワッド Shisutā Sukuwaddo) fan series created by MikuHatsune145. Its themes are supernatural and sisterhood.


Savannah Clark is girl who had a rough childhood: she was raised in the street, had to defend herself toughly and was almost abused, but her powers made her a tough girl as she grew up. Savannah nicknamed Lilith (because of her deadly powers) is the leader of the well known Sister Squad: an all-girl squad composed of girls who all had a tough childhood and were raised in the same street. They all considers each other as sisters (hence the name) and all have abilities and weapons unique to each other. They are feared trough their street and they lives in a secret place known only by the sisters. Savannah, Evie, Birdie, Nina and Anna with Savannah's boyfriend, are all living their lives while struggling with their everyday problems and with their own life. Altough their life seems "normal" they actually have to hunt down all kind of metahumans which are coming from all around Raven Street. With all kind of weapons and powers, they will make their way trough their "sweet" street and despite their deadly metahuman powers, they will try to find solutions for their happy endings.


  • Color: Pink
  • Hobbies: Boxing, listening to rock, hanging out with the sisters.
  • Powers: Electrokinesis, Static Electricity Manipulation, Electro-Telekinesis, Electrokinetic Constructs, Electrokinetic Combat, Life and Death Inducement, Electrical Healing, Necromancy, Pain Inducement, Death Sense, Electrical Immunity, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Agility, Death Breath.

Savannah (also called Lilith) is an S-Class necromancer, she has the powers to manipulate death, as she can kill people or resurrect them with simple hand gestures. She's the leader of the Sister Squad, she is harsh, fierce and is not afraid of showing her boredom or disgust for something and always speaks her mind. She was led trough Raven Street when she left her house. Being abused by her father, beaten by her mother and had to work as a slave for one of her host family. When she decided to left her host family's house, she took some of her stuff and charged the house's electrical machines with high electrical charges. Savannah left just before the machines exploded, creating a fire. She then escaped to Raven Street and met one by one, her sisters, who she considers as her new and true family. In the inside, she's caring, kind and tolerant but hates when someone picks on her, on the sisters or mocks them. Savannah's not afraid of getting rid of anything that bothers her. Furthermore, she can kill or resurrect someone with the simplest of hand gestures (finger snapping, applauding or else) which is why she's feared and why she's afraid of nothing.

  • Color: Ice Blue
  • Hobbies: Stealing, boxing, eating pockys and ice creams.
  • Powers: Chain Manipulation, Infinite Chains, Chain Creation, Cryokinesis, Cryokinetic Constructs, Crryokinetic Combat, Freezing, Frigokinesis, Ice Storm Creation, Cryoportation, Cryo-Aerokinesis, Ice Breath, Cold Immunity, Atmospheric Freezing, Ice Transmutation, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability.

Evie was a shy and quiet girl until she met Savannah, but before being part of the Sisters and going trough Raven Street, she lived with her family, but was abused several times by her father. Her parents didn't took care of her and was left out, she felt alone and cried several times, but one day, her powers showed up. Whenever she was in one of the rooms of the house, the temperature chilled out or random things froze. The neighbours and parents were all frightened, and when her father attempted to abuse her again, she knocked him with a book and escaped before he catched her but she froze his legs. She escaped the room and froze it, killing her father (and even claims that she doesn't regret it). In one of her host families, her powers kept frightening everyone and when she uses them, her eyes glows with an unnatural shade of blue. The parents from the host family tried to kill her but she froze them and then escaped to Raven Street. Evie met Savannah and rapidly formed a bond with her and they started doing funny (wicked) things together and a part of the Sister Squad were formed. Evie is determined to protect her own family and never lets her guard down.

  • Color: Green
  • Hobbies: Talking to birds, talking with her sisters, eating chips.
  • Powers: Avian Manipulation, Animal Telepathy, Animal Empathy, Mind Control(with birds), Mind Link (with birds), Animal Scrying, Aerokinesis, Aerokinetic Constructs, Razor Wind, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Agility.

Birdie was the third one to join the squad, her abilities to talk with birds, brought problems into her family, but now her only family are the sisters. Her parents tought that she was possessed so her mother called occultists but nothing strange were found. Then they forgot this idea but that was bothering them and they imagined that she wasn't their daughter and when people were asking about her, they said that she was dead, convinced by it. They tought that Birdie was a sort of "manifestation" of their "late daughter" and that she resurrected with special powers. It drove them insane, thinking that ghosts were invading their house, her father started to beat her, she felt alone and was always hiding in her room to cry. And when she started to grow, the parents were even more insane because they were like "ghosts don't grow, they don't grow, they can't...", being tired of that "crazy mess" as she calls it and resentful of her parents, she decided to leave. But her parents then decided to make a ritual to "exorcise" the ghost in their house, they were starting it and Birdie decided to end this. She ordered her faithful birds to peck their eyes and head and to invade their house, she escaped and went to Raven Street. Her parents are now in an asylum and she doesn't even miss them, even if she is calm and kind, she can be fierce and harsh. Her family is now the only thing she cares about.

  • Color: Purple
  • Hobbies: Reading comics, gardening, eating.
  • Powers: Toxikinesis, Poison Generation, Acid Generation, Poison Immunity, Poison Empowerment, Poison Transmutation, Clairvoyance, Scrying, Psychometry, Healing, Death Touch (via poison), Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Senses, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Durability.

Nina was a reserved and secretive girl. She lived a happy life with her parents and had a happy childhood but that was until her powers started to show off. She killed her dog and her house' plants when she was 10, frightening her parents who tought that the dog was old and had to die. When her clairvoyant powers also started to show off, this caused another mess of problems as she described her vision about a man killed in a car crash in her street. Her mother told her that it was just a nightmare but it turned out to be true when days later a man crashed his car and was found dead. Her parents were afraid of her and her powers but they still loved her and took care of her. But when she grew older, her powers grew with her and she could see things happening minutes after her visions and her poisonous powers started to become lethal. A day, she packed her stuff and told her parents she was leaving, wanting to protect her parents from her deadly poisonous powers and left. She met Savannah, Evie and Birdie at Raven Street and quickly formed a bond with them. Nina is the youngest and shares a strong bond with Anna. Nina still has contact from her parents and is a happy girl compared to her bestfriends and even fell in love and has a boyfriend. She's the most smiling person in the group after Anna.

  • Color: Red
  • Hobbies: BBQ, comics, fashion, talking about boys.
  • Powers: Pyrokinesis, Pyrokinetic Constructs, Pyrokinetic Combat, Pyrokinetic Invisibility, Pyroportation, Heat Generation, Melting, Thermokinesis, Fire Immunity, Volatile Constructs, Molecular Combustion, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Durability.

Anna is the last member of the Squad and is a happy and fizzy person despite having an harsh childhood: her father was never there for her and usually had violent outbursts or fits of rage and thus has sometimes beaten her. Her mother was sick and couldn't take care of her and her father who had lost custody of her after he and his wife divorced, couldn't take care of her so she was under her aunt's care. But her aunt didn't cared and sometimes forced Anna to do all the house's chores, cook and even do massages for her husband. Her husband attempted a lot to abuse her but after an umpteenth attempt to abuse her she burned his hand when her powers. He tried to throw in jail for minors as she was 14 when this happened but she talked to the officers about her aunt and her husband's wrongdoings which ended them in prison. Having no one yo take care of her, she took some personal stuff and fled to Raven Street where she met and became part of the Sister Squad. Anna quickly formed a bond with them (mostly Nina) and usually cheered them up with her perky personality. She uses a dagger, using her powers, she heats the blade to make it more dangerous. Anna is always smiling and is positive on the idea of having a "happy ending".


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