サイリーナ 'Sairīna'
19 (Sea Girls)
Eye ColorDark Blue
Hair ColorBrown with a green streak
Home PlaceSirena's House
RelativesLina (mother)
Caldwell (father)
Irwin (little brother)
Japanese Voice ActorRie Kugimiya

Sirena is one of the main characters of Mermaid Chronicles. She's Nila's best friend and a powerful mermaid. She's a Clairvoyant mermaid who has the ability to see the future via tea leaves but she can also have visions, which awakens every incoming full moon.


Sirena comes from the deep oceans of Okinawa, she always lived with the Southern Pod, she always received lessons from her mother but now receives them from her mother and Nila's mother. Altough she is not as good at singing unlike her bestfriend, she is extremely good at art, her drawings are described to be beautiful and mostly her watercolors. She has her own art studio and that's where she isolates herself and draws. She aspires to be a great painter when she will grew up.

She's a powerful mermaid, she trains a lot and she masterizes her powers perfectly. She loves swimming with dolphins and while Nila talks a lot with dolphins, she prefers talking with whales but she always says that whales are show offs. Sirena cares a lot about her little brother Irwin, she teaches him how to control his powers, he is cute and air-headed but tries to focus when working. He considers Nila as his second big sister, he loves playing with both Sirena and Nila and enjoys swimming with them. She's kinda harsh towards Kimiko because of her clumsy behavior but she helps her and is in fact more gentle than she seems.

When Emilia was a mermaid, she did her best to help making the potion who will remove her (Emilia's) powers, now that is girl is (almost) not a problem anymore, she decided to focus more on other things. When she knew that Nila is the Chosen One, things cleared up to her, when the Mermaid Tear reacted to Nila's presence, she now, knows why. Sirena is very good at doing potions, that's sort of her speciality. Sirena actually never knew more about her family's history, but she knows that her grand-mother once saved a man from the effect of the Siren Song. But she found an ancestral book about her family: she found that her family has the power to see what can happen using tea leaves. That power is very rare and she tries her best with her family to masterizes her powers.


Sirena is a serious person, she's always hardworking and can seems to be a bit cold but in fact, she's kind and warm-hearted. She can be harsh sometimes (mostly towards Kimiko) but when someone needs help, she's always ready to help that person.


Sirena is the tallest of the group, she has long brown hair reaching her waist and has a green streak, her eyes are blue colored, she usually wears clothes with green and blue shades. Her clothes are mostly exotic and vivid.

In her mermaid form, she has a green/blue colored tail with a dolphin shaped fluke, her top is lime green and she wears her moon necklace.


  • Moon Necklace - A necklace which stores the moon powers and can cast spells, it was given to her sooner than Nila.
  • Water Ring - A magical ring which can cast spells and do special magic using water, it was given to her by her mother.


  • Aquatic Adaptation - As a mermaid, she can live in underwater environment, she can breathe and talk underwater, she can breathe more than 10 hours. She is immunized to the coldness of water, he can also swim in hot waters. Mermaids lives in or fresh or salted water but she prefers living in the sea.
  • Durability - She can swim for days without being tired, she can swim more than 600 km/h, a feat than humans can't do.
  • Speed Swimming - She can swim very fast underwater, she is encased in bubbles when she swims and use them as a jet stream.
  • Zoolingualism - She can speak to dolphins and whales, she prefers speaking to whales but for her they are show offs.
  • Hydrokinesis - She can manipulate water at her will, she can expand the water size and multiply the molecules, she can range from creating water orbs to water figurines and three-headed snakes or even a dragon.
  • Telekinesis - She can move things with her minds, she can attract things to her, levitate or holds objects, or change its direction.
  • Aerokinesis - She can control winds and air to her favor, she can create violent winds and storms.
  • Hydro-Thermokinesis - She can boil water and anything that contains water.
  • Pyrokinesis - She can burn anything she wants and sets anything, she can also create fiery explosions or sculptures.
  • Electrokinesis - She can manipulate electricity and can conjures lightning from the sky or create lightning storms.
  • Atmokinesis - Sirena can create storms, heat the temperature, can make it rain or cool down the temperature. It is a natural merpeople power.
  • Invisibility - Sirena can turn invisible, underwater or not. She can also detect when a mermaid uses this power.
  • Tasseomancy - She can predict the future using tea leaves.
  • Precognition - When a full moon comes, she has visions of the future.
  • Underwater Speaking - Sirena can speak underwater.


  • Favorite Foods: Shrimps, sardines, fish toasts with tomatoes, salmon, crepes.
  • Favorite Drinks: Milk tea, chocolate-vanilla smoothie.
  • Her favorite color is green.
  • She also likes sleeping extended on water.
  • She loves bunnies.
  • She likes seaweed biscuits.
  • She shares the same name than Sirena in Mako Mermaids.

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