Shugo Chara Nikoniko
しゅご キャラ ニコニコ
(Shugo Kyara Nikoniko)
PredecessorShugo Chara Dokidoki-Doki


Shugo Chara Nikoniko Season One Episodes

Shugo Chara Nikoniko Season Two Episodes

The gang are in middle school and have just joined a new group that is like the Guardians but with a few differences that have chess pieces parts and have new members and friends in the group. A new threat has also appeared, who are creating Perfect Eggs, a type of eggs that distort the dreams of all people causing chaos wanting everything to be perfect. This time they and Easter will work together.

New CharactersEdit

Ayumi Yoshida

Yukio Ayashiro

Keiji Asou

Makoto Aida

Aika Kenzaki

Ko Mouri

Rika Kudo

Kazuyoshi Tanaka

Akiyoshi Fujie

Jun Omura

Hideo Kawashima

Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya


Natsue and Umekichi Yoshida

They're Ayumi's parents. Natsue is an Artist while Umekichi is a Musical Instrument Craftsman.

Akahana and Benjirou Aida

Makoto's parents. They died in a house fire when she was 4.

Mana and Bishamon Aida

Makoto's grandparents. They took her in when parents died. Bishamon is a museum curator.

Mana, Hana, Nana and Riko Asou

They're Keiji's 4 older sisters. They go to college and are quadruplets.

Shigeko and Sabou Asou

They're Keiji and his sisters' parents. Shigeko is a officer worker while Sabou is a business man.

Goro and Eri Mouri

Ko Mouri's parents. Goro is sculptor while Eri is a craftswoman. Eri has light blonde hair.

Yukiko and Yusaku Kudo

They're Rika's parents. Yusaku is a mystery novelist while Yukiko is a actress.

Akiko and Shinichi Tanaka

Kazuyoshi and his siblings' parents. They're busy with work so they're eldest child take care of their other children.

Heiji Tanaka

Kazuyoshi and Aya's older brother. He take of his younger siblings while studying to be a doctor.

Ayaka Tanaka

Kazuyoshi and Heiji younger sister. She's goes to Seiyo Academy.

Aina and Eito Omura

Juns parents. Eito runs a karate dojo. Aina is a housewife.

Fukiko and Itsuki Ayashiro

Yukio parents. Fukiko is lawyer while Itsuki is computer programmer.

Fumito and Misaki Kawashima

Hideo parents. Fumito is French restaurant manager while Misaki is a boutique employee.

Gakuto and Hachi Fujie

Akiyoshi parents. Gakuto is a executive while Hachi is company employee.

Hiroko and Hodaka Kenzaki

Aika parents. Hodaka is a photographer while Hiroko is a bank employee.

Ayumu and Kunie Tsuburaya

Mitsuhiko parents. Ayumu is a kindergarten teacher while Kunie is a writer.

Akimi and Anri Mamegaki

Taeko parents. Akimi is a magazine editor while Anri is a perfume maker.

Chiaki and Chihiro Sumeragi

Yuchi and his brothers parents.

Niito, Meitetsu and Han Sumeragi

Yuchi younger triplet brothers siblings. They in the final year of kindergartens.

Chitose and Haru Kisaki

Eri and Himeko parents. They run a Iemoto ikebana school together.

Himeko Kisaki

Eri older sister who's 16. She want to run her parents ikebana school when she gets older.

Harue and Haruka Hirose

Shunsou and his sisters parents.

Kasumi, Kiriko and Mami Hirose

Shunsou older triplet sisters.

Sakura Yamada (Shugo Chara, LunarSolar)


Broken LifelessEdit

Kiwako Kido

Takara Morita - has long, silky knee-length midnight blue hair, she's about the same height as Kariya, her eyes are azure, and has pale skin. Her main outfit is navy blue shirt with a black hoodie jacket over it that has a indigo blue butterfly on the right side of the chest, duke blue skirt along with black stockings, and dark blue sneakers.

She was wearing black hooded jacket, a navy blue shirt underneath it, a duke blue pleated skirt and dark blue sneakers. Like wolves and butterflies.

Ryoko Hayashi - is an international model known as Maria Meadow, daughter of Japanese with a Frenchman, came to Japan. She is known as "Mature and cold" and becomes popular. Lives alone in an apartment and is well lonely. She is a very good singer but she hates to sing. She have willingly become corrupted by the X-EGGs and Perfect-Eggs and because of that she corrupts her Shugo Chara egg which hatch to Pain (which represent her hate and suffer from singing) who later comes back to normal to Mimi who represent her desire to sing without any hate in the heart.

Seiyo Academy CharactersEdit

Hoshi (LunarSolar, Shugo Chara Nikoniko)

Norio Terasawa Jack

Yoshimi Watanabe Joker Archer, Painter, Viola player

Akemi Miyano Ace stage magician

Yaya Yuiki soon became the Successor to Kukai Rook after he graduate.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Natsuki Aoki - The principal of Moonlight academy and an old friend of Tsukasa. She is the first Queen's Chair of the Guardians. She has a family of her own and has a niece and nephew from her older brother side.

Taeko Mamegaki

Yuichi Sumeragi

Eri Kisaki

Shunsou Hirose

Naoki Uemura

Tatsuya Kimura

Ryoko Akagi


  • Moonlight Academy - it's a middle school. They have The Paladdins - just like The Guardians from Seiyo Academy but with a few difference like they have they use symbols of the playing cards and honorary Paladdins instead. The second Guardians go to school their. They have Noble Capes which are worn by the Guardians only during meetings or special events. The capes have a spot pattern, however the male Guardians wear a lime green cape, where as the female Guardians wear yellow capes. The winter uniform for winter uniform consists of a white shirt, green tie, black blazer, and either a pair of black pants (boys) or black skirt and yellow tie (girls). The summer Uniform consists of a white shirt, green tie, navy blue sweater vests for girls and and for boys it's,

Diamond - Tadase

Spade - Rima

Clover - Kukai

Trump - Amu

Cavilar - Nagihiko

Wild Card - Ayumi Yoshida

Royale - Yukio Ayashiro

Heart - Rika Kudo

Honary Paladdins - Kazuyoshi Tanaka, Akiyoshi Fujie, Jun Omura, Hideo Kawashima, Makoto Aida, Aika Kenzaki, Ko Mouri and Keiji Asou

Desire to be a Guitarist. Movie director Detective

Teacher Soprano Love story writer Ryoko Akagi Make-up artist

  • Sakura Academy - it has grades from beginning of kindergarten to end of high school. It both a public and boarding school. Even non-Japanese people go to the school. Every student has a Shugo Chara.
  • Dream Cradle - it's where guardian characters go when the owner grows up or fulfil their dream(s). The guardian characters will watch over their owners forever. Its a special dimension of stars and light that contains people's memories.
  • Muse - a powerful composite enterprise of banking, food, entertainment, etc.
  • Omura Dojo - Eito karate dojo.
  • Happy Ikebana School - the Kisaki ikebana school.


  • Egg Gem - which is hung on a black choker. A small sized, white egg shaped gem with a little yellow heart with the gold sun and silver moon overlapping it and wings printed in the middle. It glowed beautifully and brightly in power when a new egg is born but also when either the Humpty Lock or the Dumpty Key are close by. It's wearer is the only one who can stop its glow just by a touch. That has a special connection with the Humpty Lock and the Humpty Key. Give the wearer, the ability to transform into another's "Character Transformations" without a Shugo Chara for a little time and transform. Both Easter and Tsukasa Amakawa created it together. Ayumi own it.
  • Perfect Eggs - a type of eggs that distort the dreams of all people causing chaos wanting everything to be perfect. They created when someone want something to be perfect when they doing something love which than the Perfect Watch opens and throw blue sparkles at them, turning the egg into a Perfect Egg.
  • Perfect Watch - a grey watch. Once it is used on a child, his or her Heart's Egg would turn into a Perfect Egg and levels rage child, making it go out of control with wanting perfection and wreak havoc around the city. It is hand-crafted by The Villains themselves.


"You should know this, is that the Embryo is every single Heart's Egg!"
―Ayumi Yoshida, source here
"Guardian Characters generally only exist within the physical realm for the length of time their owner requires them for their personal growth. Of course, the events that allow this personal growth to occur not being certain to occur, how long exactly this takes would be completely unknown, even towards the Chara themselves."
―character here, source here
"quote here"
―character here, source here
"quote here"
―character here, source here


Dream Cradle is like the Roads of Stars and Egg Cradle differences from Shugo Chara Manga but with a few diffrences.

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