Shugo Chara Memory! (しゅご キャラ メモリ! Shugo Kyara Memori!) is a series created by User:CureKanade. It will broadcast on TV for the first time on October 6, 2014 and will have 51 episodes.


Shugo Chara Memory! Episodes

A new type of eggs called Dark Memory Egg has appeared and has began changing normal civilians minds, turning them evil. The five new guardians must be gathered so they can go into the minds of the victims and save them before everything is too late.



Mitsuki Nozomi (美月 のぞみ Mitsuki Nozomi) is the main character of the series and becomes the ace of the guardians at Starbright Academy. She is a shy transfer student who loves to read and write, aiming to become the top author in Japan, but is not confident enough to do it. Besides wishing to be a popular author, Nozomi dreams of being more confident in herself and as the series goes on, she becomes more outgoing and starts to learn how to play soccer. She has three Guardian Characters named Futaba, Yayoi and Love. She has three character changes called Graceful Heart (グレースフル ハート Gurēsufuru Hāto), Cheerful Girl (チアフル ガール Chiafuru Gāru) and Lovely Ace (ラブリー エース Raburī Ēsu).

Yamamoto Kaito (山本 カイト Yamamoto Kaito) is one of the other main characters in the series who is the joker of the guardians at Starbright Academy. He loves to pull jokes on his friends and has been Hibiki's best friend since they were very young. He keeps a lot of things locked up inside of him and wants to be someone different who would be able to say things on this mind. He is very sporty and cheerful and loves being around Nozomi. He has two Guardian Characters named Seiji and Crown. He has three character changes called Sporty Mind (スポーティ マインド Supōti Maindo) and Crown Joker (クラウン ジョーカー Kuraun Jōkā).

Hanamiya Ryoko (花宮 呂子 Hanamiya Ryoko) is one of the other main characters in the series who is the queen of the guardians at Starbright Academy. She is the calm member of the guardians who is to be the successor of her father's karate dojo. Even though Ryoko is very good at karate, she doesn't want to be forced to do something she doesn't want to do and rather take her own path of being an idol. She has two Guardian Characters named Idol and Beat. She has two character changes called Brilliant Song (ブリリアント ソング Buririanto Songu) and Super Queen (スーパー クィーン Sūpā Ku~īn).

Hikawa Hibiki (氷川 ひびき Hikawa Hibiki)

Sagara Kiki (相楽 キキ Sagara Kiki)

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