Name: Shiori Kamisaka

Gender: Female

Age: 15 (Physically)

Relatives: Unamed Parents

Class: Flame Haze

Title: Deadly Dual Wielded

Contracted to: Celestia and Chandra

Contractor's True Name: Clouds of Dawn and Auditor of Mist

Affiliation/s: Flame Haze Army

Color of Flame: light blue-green

Status: Active

She was once part of an aristocat family until a Denizen came and killed them. Soon she made a contracted with Celestia and Chandra.


Layered purple hair that goes does to her shoulders, grey eyes, red coat over a pair of teal and azure stripped stockings, a plaid skirt, and a long-sleeve shirt.


She's calm and polite but merciless towards her enemies.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

  • ability to look at future though for a short time


  • If you want to use this character, than ask me.

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