"Link Me To Light! Pretty Cure Shining Power!" - The transformation quote of Shining Link Pretty Cure!.

Shining Link Pretty Cure! (シャイニングリンクプリキュア! Shainingu Rinku Purikyua!) is a Pretty Cure fanseries and the first installment of CureHibiki's Pretty Cure franchise. The series is to air on an unknown date and the themes are light, love and disguises.

Shining Link Pretty Cure!
(Shainingu Rinku Purikyua!)
Opening SongShining Link!!YES!!
Ending SongHand in hand


Shining Link Pretty Cure! Episodes

The power of light has existed everywhere since the day the sun was born. But an enemy called Dark Predators arrives and begins their attack on Celestial Palace to destroy the light. But, four new legendary warriors called Pretty Cure are awaken to defeat Dark Predators and protect light from becoming darkness.

On Planet Earth, Kataoka Aira, your average fifteen year girl lived a normal life until she met Love and became a Pretty Cure, where she had to battle Kuromi, a general of Dark Predators! Joined by three other girls, Aira fights Dark Predators with love and light in her heart and learns that with the power of light, she can disguise herself as any past Pretty Cure...


Pretty Cure

Aira 2

Kataoka Aira (片岡あいら Kataoka Aira)
Aira is the leader of the team who is shy and quiet, always being spoken over. After becoming a Cure, she gains more confident and is very helpful. She can be a bit clumsy and hates speaking to strangers. She transforms into Cure Serene (キュアシリーン Kyua Shirīn), she controls the power of holy light and her theme colour is pink.

Cure Energy

Akabi Seika (赤日せいか Akabi Seika)
Seika is the sub leader of the team who is loud and energetic and very popular. Even though she is popular, Seika prefers hanging out with a small number of people and is very bad at most sports but loves running. She transforms into Cure Energy (キュアエネルギー Kyua Enerugī), she holds the power of sunlight and her theme colour is orange.

Naru Hibiki

Minaga Naru (皆賀なる Minaga Naru)
Naru is the healer of the team who is blunt and a famous idol. She is home schooled and loves to help Seika practice at other sports besides running. Naru is known to easily get angry and can write her own music. She transforms into Cure Emotion (キュアイモーション Kyua Imōshon), she holds the power of starlight and her theme colour is gold.

Tsukino Mia (月野ミア Tsukino Mia)
Mia is the intelligent member of the team who is anti social and intelligent. She is very good at martial arts and was brought up by her grand parents due to losing her parents when she was young. Mia loves to read because she loves the fantasy worlds in the stories. She transforms into Cure Glow (キュアグロー Kyua Gurō), she holds the the power of moonlight and her theme colour is silver.


Love (ラブ Rabu)
Love is the main mascot of the show who was sent to Earth in search for legendary warriors known as Pretty Cure to protect the universe from becoming darkness. She is in fact not an animal of sorts, but a young 10 year old girl who knows a lot about what she should be doing. She is hyper and very energetic as well as being very smart.

Kiriya Hayato (桐谷はやと Kiriya Hayato)
Hayato is the best friend of Aira who is very sporty and protective of her. He is very outdoorsy and quirky. He has a great sense of humor and is surprisingly a fan of Pretty Cure. He found out about Aira's secret as a Pretty Cure when Aira and Seika transformed in front of him by accident.

Dark Predators

Kuromi (クロミ Kuromi)
Kuromi is the first general of Dark Predators to appear. She can easily become annoyed and is hard working. She is very rude towards the Cures and is not afraid to fight with one them when they're in civilian form.

Haine (ハイン Hain)
The second general of Dark Predators to appear. He hates it when nothing goes his way and can easily become jealous.

Gagoze (ガゴゼ Gagoze)
The monsters created by the generals of Dark Predators.


  • RainbowBrace (レインボーブレス ReinbōBuresu): The transformation item used by the main protagonists of the series.
  • Pretty Mirror (プリティミラー Puriti Mirā): The other transformation item that the main protagonists use to disguise their selves as any past Cure.


  • This is the first Pretty Cure where the Cures can disguise themselves as any past Cure or villain by saying "Link Me To Light! {insert name of transformation phrase}!" or "Link Me To Light! {insert name of villain} Power!".


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