NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunAugust 1, 2016
Opening SongDeath Whisper
Ending SongIn the Dark

Shadows (影 Kage) is a fan serie created by MikuHatsune145. Its a fantasy themed anime.


Miki, Yusuke, Saki and Mamoru were all living normal lives, Miki lived in a wealthy house with her parents and went to a private school, she was very good at singing and dreamed to be a famous singer and took singing and dance lessons. Yusuke was a boy who was very confident and sure of himself, he is very beautiful and was extremely popular among girls, he, dreamed of being a model. Saki lived in the countryside, she took care of animals in her parents' farm and loved horse riding, she dreamed of being a professional horse rider. Mamoru was a kind and happy-go-lucky guy who was very smart and athletic, altough he wanted to be a writer. All four had dreams and calm lives but they all died within bizarre circumstances. They were all resurrected as Shinigamis and now their duties is to take the soul of people, but they aren't normal Grim Reapers: they take the soul of people who committed a lot of sins in their life and take their lives as a punishment. Given a chance by the gods to restart everything, they were sent to Earth to live a human life again but they still have to fulfill their duties as Shinigamis. If they succeed, everything will restart and they will live their normal lives again and can fulfill their dreams, if they fail, they will return to the Realm of Life and Death and will have to stay as Shinigamis for eternity.


  • Color: Red

Miki is one of the main protagonists of the series and have a unique personality, she can show some boredom sometimes mostly when doing her usual work but when the Gods put on her the task to punish sinful humans, she started enjoying her work. Even if she can seems cold, harsh, haughty and a bit sadistic, she can show some pity to her victims. Unlike some Shinigamis who don't do it, she lets her victims to have the choice to or do the Atonement Ritual so the victims can atone for all their sins and continue their life until Death comes for them, or slay their life if they refuse. Her and Yusuke have romantic feelings for each other and it seems serious between them as Yusuke calls Miki babe, the two have lot in common and since being part of the Death Quartet, since a long time, they were romantically involved at the start. Miki is really good at singing and still doesn't give up on her dream, since given a new chance, she continues her singing and dance lessons and still wants to become an idol. Her singing abilities are described as incredible, much like her powers, she is a bit feared in the Astral Plane, as she is nicknamed Izanami by a lot of Shinigamis. Miki is very powerful and isn't afraid of showing it.

  • Color: Red

Yusuke was a kind guy, who always helps anyone, but after becoming a Shinigami, he becamed kind of cocky, arrogant and a bit sadistic (but less than the other Shinigamis), he can show some boredom too. He has powers over time and blood and can control fire, he is very punctual, as he always predict someone's time of death and hates declaring someone's death minutes later. When someone doesn't confess, he always look at his clock and it happens that he says "Tick tock, tick tock, your life passes trough the needles" with a sacarstic and bored voice, altough a bit sadistic. He is in love with Miki and the two shares a lot in common, Yusuke alwaye calls Miki "babe" and when they have to punish someone the two always shows a bored face when the sinner doesn't confess or says things like "I did the right thing". Yusuke is a reckless and ruthless Grim Reaper, he is always very punctilious and cares a lot about the details, even if the others never understand why it is that much important, Yusuke claims that if something is left out, he could miss something important and doesn't want that.

  • Color: Yellow

Saki is the kind, happy-go-lucky and a bit sarcastic Grim Reaper, she loves flowers and like her friends doesn't give up on her dreams, she has powers over flowers and poison and she is bestfriend with Miki. Altough she can show some sadistic behaviour, like her friends, despite her happy-go-lucky personality, she can be bored sometimes. She likes reading, eating cakes, tea and of course flowers, her death scythe is also decorated with a flower, and she wears a flower hairpiece. She always loved animals and wanted at first to be a veterinary and after a florist but she made her choice and decided to become an horse rider. When she feel down, she usually talks with Miki who she considers as an older sister, the two have a sisterly relationship and they both supports each other in their dream.

  • Color: Dark Blue

Mamoru is the kind, smart and smiling guy of the group, altough like most Shinigamis, he has sadistic behaviours but hides them, his total control of weather and the powerfulness of his abilities also makes him feared by a lot of shinigamis. He has the dream of becoming a famous writer someday and he loves literature and want to study it. He and Yusuke shares a strong bond as the two are like brothers, it was noticed by Miki who said to them that it's like they are from the same family. Mamoru hates when people doesn't confess or tries to harm him and his friends, he can also show a more fierce and violent attitude sometimes but returns to his calm and kind personality afterwards. He cares a lot about his friends and protects them, he will do everything to have his friends stay close to him.


Realm of Life and Death

This is where the souls of those who the life has been taken are, the Shinigamis leads these souls to or Hell or Paradise. Those who have been chosen to go to Hell stays in a part of the Realm where Night is eternal. While those who go to Paradise stays in a part where Day is eternal. And those with the mark of a feather or a bat wing are lead trough a path were the same symbol is marked.


The main city where the series takes place.


Death Scythes

The Death Scythes are the main weapons of Shinigamis, these are infused with the power to take someone's life by a single hit. Depending on the power of it's wielder, it can have various other powers infused to it (like Yusuke's decelerated aging power).

Blood Stone Jewels

Jewels (mainly bracelets or rings) who are used to see the main informations of the life and crimes of someone, it allows the user to see their secrets, future plans and things to know about them (age, parents, children, appearance).


  • They all have cat-like irises and red eyes making them demon looking.
  • This resemble Hell Girl as people are marked meaning that they will go to Hell or Heaven, and that the people who guides lost souls are chosen much like Ai was chosen.
  • All Shinigamis have the common feature of having red glowing eyes.
  • The Death Quartet all have nicknames corresponding to someone related to Death or something deadly (i.e "Izanagi", "Anubis").

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