Seo Nari
서 나리 'Seo Nali'
Age15 (S1)
16 (S2)
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBlack
Home PlaceSeo Chateau
RelativesSeo Hye (mother)
Seo Hyeon (father)
Seo Myung (little brother)
Japanese Voice ActorKana Hanazawa


Nari lived in Korea during her childhood, she always loved her country and her family originates from a long lineage of psychic given abilities and from rich people. The Seo Family lives in the Seo Chateau since its creation, Nari since she's a little girl she has a paid companion Chang Iseul who personally assists her. She's good in nature and due to the Seo Family's name is known everywhere, she's heavily respected. She takes dance lessons since she's five and is really skilled at dancing, her favorite types of dance are: disco dance, dance-pop and hip-hop. She likes korean groups and singers such as CL,GILRS' GENERATION,2NE1,HyunA and MissA, she really loves singing and is described as being very skillful at both dancing and singing. She moved to Japan were a bit of the Seo Family lived trough ages (resulting in having a Seo Chateau both in Japan and Korea), she still takes dance lessons. She seems to be a fan of Minzy from 2NE1 as they both loves dancing, she dreams to be a famous dancer and to opens her own dancing academy.

Her family owns the power of Telekinesis, since long time ago and her mother learned her how to use her powers, resulting in Nari being very skilled at using her powers. She went to the Institute after her parents did researches about it, the Dr. Anderson was impressed by how easy she masterizes her powers and she joined the first group with Kiyoshi and Kazuki after he joined the group. With her powers, she can levitate and fly, with the power of telekinesis she can also deflect an attack and manipulates the molecules. She with Kiyoshi are the mentors of Rose and Asami due to them being skilled at using their powers. Rose and Asami were invited to Nari's house, Asami were impressed by the hugness of her house and the fact that she has a paid companion. They were also impressed by the fact that all her family possesses powers and use them in their casual lives. Nari was lonely before she met Rose, Asami, Kiyoshi and Kazuki and the fact that they all share the fact that they are psionics. She likes baking sweets and is also skillful at sewing.


Nari is very kind, she is always smiling and likes helping people, when she sees that someone is depressed she offers them sweets and comforts them.

She is a loyal friend and would do everything to help her friends whenever they have problems.


Main article: Seo Nari/Outfits

Nari is tall and has a pale skin, she has long wavy black hair sided to the left, she has green eyes and is always seen with a smile.

She wears the Kawajima private school's uniform.

Her casual outfit is composed of a green top with gold lillies and hibiscuses, a white vest with gold lines and black lapels, a black pencil skirt, gold fishnets and green sandals.


  • Telekinesis - Nari can move objects/people with her mind, she can also manipulate matter and molecules with this power. She can also levitate, fly and can also control atoms. Nari can use this power by moving her hand and can also move something just by blinking or look at something.
  • Levitation - The power to defy gravity and float on the air, it can evolve to flight (Nari possesses both powers), she can avoid attacks and watch over a wide area with this power. She can also go on walls and can use this power at her will, as said by Nari its her favorite power.
  • Flight - Nari can evolve her levitation power to flight, she can fly fastly and go everywhere she wants with this power.
  • Unarmed Weapon Wielding - Nari can wield weapons without touching them via telekinesis (i.e wielding knives without touching them), she can guide her weapons to her opponent.
  • Channeling - Nari can channel and use the powers of the others, she can also share her powers with others and can redirect the attacks of her opponents.
  • Deflection - Nari can avoid and dodge an attack with this power telekinetically, she reflect the attack like a mirror and telekinetically can dodge an attack.
  • Super Strength - Nari possesses a super strength that allow her to overpower her opponent easily, Nari is skillful in martial arts and is good at fighting. She can use levitation to fight.
  • Molecukinesis - With her telekinetic powers, Nari can manipulate molecules, she can combust, immobilize, decelerate, accelerate and inhibits molecules at her will. When she speed up molecules, it heat up or create explosions or the speed increases, when she slow up the molecules, it immobilizes and slow to the point of crystallizing.
  • Teleportation - Nari can go to her desired location fastly with her mind, she thinks of a location and teleport there, she can also teleport trough molecules due to her being skillful in molecular manipulation.
  • Genius Level Intellect - Nari has proved to be extremely smart, being able to hack a security system in seconds, she excels in her tests and can recognize and explain the function of an object just by looking at it.
  • Super Senses - Nari has super senses, her most used abilities are clairvoyance and clairaudience, she also has a super vision that allows her to see her ennemies coming.
  • Martial Arts - Nari is extremely skilled at martial arts, she learns them since she is a child and is very skilled at hand-in-hand combat without using her powers (sometimes she uses levitation in her combat).
  • Super Agility - Nari has shown to be extremely agile, she is able to jump rooftoops from rooftoops, she can jump very high and can stick to the walls.


Nari loves dancing since her childhood being skillful in it, she can do all sorts of dances and one day wants to be a grand dancer and open her own dancing academy she would call: Seo Dancing Flower Academy.

She also likes bunnies, she has a white bunny called Mimi and a brown one called Lulu, she likes taking care of them.

She is a fan of The Originals, she loves it and is fan of the character Hayley Marshall, she loves the actress Phoebe Tonkin and also watched H2O.

She loves meat and incorporate it in her everyday meals, she is mostly a fan of pork and beef.


Rose MichikawaEdit

She is the mentor of Rose and Asami, she likes going outside, shopping, going to the cinema and eat ice creams with the Rose and Asami. They all three loves fantasy series, she started watching The Secret Investigations of Julia Winter and likes it.

She likes sharing her fashion tastes with Rose and her book tastes with Asami, she has a good relationship with everyone on the group.

Asami OchitsuEdit

She and Asami shares lots of common points in books, mostly in books like: Space Vampires,Radioactive Sun,Bloodsuckers and Planet Ocean, they both love sci-fi books and sometimes share books.

When Nari started watching Asami and Rose's favorite series and bought the book and read them all three. They like doing shopping all three and like going to the cinema.

Kiyoshi AndersonEdit

She shares common points with Kiyoshi in food, they like lots of meals with meat and they both have knowledge on certain meals. They also share common points in music: they both like electro, house and future bass music.

She first met Kiyoshi on her first day at the institute of his father, they've been good friends since. She also supports him a lot in his relation with Rose.

Kazuki NishinoEdit

The entire group were surprised to hear that Kazuki and Nari knew each other since childhood, Kazuki met her on a trip in Korea before his mother disappeared.

Nari is Kazuki's confident, since his mother's death, he talk to her and she likes helping him whenever he has problem. When he confessed to her his feelings about Asami, she heavily supported him to go confessing to her.

Chang IseulEdit

Nari considers Iseul as a big sister who takes care of her when her parents are not with her or when she goes outside. She is Nari's confident and like comforting her when she feel sad.

Nari doesn't consider Iseul has her paid companion but as a friend, an important friend she can trust and that she will never betray.


  • Nari is the only Korean of the group.
  • Her mother is a famous ballet dancer while her father is a well known perfume creator.
  • Kazuki because of Nari being his confident, consider her as his big sister.
    • This is the same case with Nari and Iseul.
  • Despite being younger than Iseul, she teaches her how to use her powers, Iseul's family also possesses powers.

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