Senran Kagura: Spectrum Versus
閃乱カグラ SPECTRUM VERSUS -少女達の決心
(Senran Kagura Spectrum Versus -Shoujo-tachi no Kesshin)
StudioArtland Inc.
NetworkMarvelous Entertainment (Japan) Funimation (North America)
Original Run???
Opening SongSpectrum of Determination
Ending SongHope Can Still Be Found

Senran Kagura: Spectrum Versus - Determination of the Girls (閃乱カグラ SPECTRUM VERSUS -少女達の決心 Senran Kagura Spectrum Versus -Shoujo-tachi no Kesshin), or more commonly Senran Kagura: Spectrum Versus is an action/ninja/magical girl fanseries produced and created by Cure Wonder. The series focuses on a group of five good shinobi who are neurodiverse.

Confirmation and ProductionEdit

Senran Kagura: Spectrum Versus was created when Cure Wonder thought of an idea for a fanmade series of Senran Kagura due to no Senran Kagura Fan Wikia existing. The idea also included a group of shinobi who were forced to live like renegades due to their developmental disabilities yet they still had hope and believed in the saying "no excuses, no limits", a group of shinobi who strongly believed in helping others even if it would do more harm than good, a group of shinobi did not typically believe in helping others for free, and a group of shinobi who were fiercely independent and want to prove that they are worthy shinobi despite their physical disabilities.


Kurumi, Kuroiko, Miyuki, Yumeko, and Hisoka were students at Spectrum Extent National Academy. These five girls were the best students in the entire school. While their status as elite shinobi was well-known inside and outside the school, their developmental disabilities were kept secret and were only known inside of the school in order to protect them from others who would target them and/or mark them for death, from others who would force them to conform, and from others who would exploit them. Unfortunately, a teacher from a rival Aid Shinobi school who was (and still is) a rival to Sensei-oneechan as Kurumi, Kuroiko, Miyuki, Yumeko, and Hisoka call her leaked the information about the five girls having developmental disabilities. Once that happened, the teacher and his five favorite students chased them and their teacher out of Spectrum Extent National Academy while the other students and staff of the rival Aid Shinobi school took some of the Spectrum Extent National Academy staff to a prison-like place as punishment for causing a "conspiracy". Kurumi, Kuroiko, Miyuki, Yumeko, Hisoka, and their teacher barely managed to defeat the rival Aid Shinobi schoolteacher and his five favorite students; after the latter group's defeat, they told the former group to leave the school grounds and never came back. Then Kurumi, Kuroiko, Miyuki, Yumeko, Hisoka, and their teacher fled the school grounds and went to their hideout reserved for emergencies and situations like this; their hideout is where they currently stay at. The five former Spectrum Extent National Academy students are still trained by Sensei-oneechan to fend off the threats that they were once protected from.


Outcast ShinobiEdit

Kurumi's TeamEdit

Kurumi (くるみ Kurumi) - Kurumi is an Outcast Shinobi. She has light skin, shoulder-length yellow hair tied in pigtails, and dark blue eyes. She has an energetic and happy-go-lucky nature, and ends her sentences with "~kuru". Kurumi became an Outcast Shinobi when information about her having ADHD was leaked out by an Aid Shinobi schoolteacher.

Kuroiko (黒い子 Kuroiko) - Kuroiko is an Outcast Shinobi. She has pale skin, long straight black hair, and dark pink eyes. She appears to be cold and emotionless, but is actually warm and empathetic. Kuroiko became an Outcast Shinobi when information about her having high-functioning autism was leaked out by an Aid Shinobi schoolteacher.

Miyuki (幸 Miyuki) - Miyuki is an Outcast Shinobi. She has tanned skin, thick silver hair in a bob hairstyle that hides her elf-like ears, and light brown-gray eyes. She is extremely friendly, warm, cheerful, social, and polite, but can also get anxious easily, is afraid of many things, and wishes to be truly happy. Miyuki became an Outcast Shinobi when information about her having Williams syndrome was leaked out by an Aid Shinobi schoolteacher.

Yumeko (夢子 Yumeko) - Yumeko is an Outcast Shinobi. She has light skin, magenta hair tied in chignon, and pink eyes. She feels insecure about herself due to her clumsiness and obsession with cleaning and organizing her plushies at first, but accepts her faults later on in the series; she is caring with a sweet yet protective nature when around her loved ones. Yumeko became an Outcast Shinobi when information about her having Asperger's Syndrome was leaked out by an Aid Shinobi schoolteacher; her having OCD was already well-known beforehand.

Hisoka (密か Hisoka) - Hisoka is an Outcast Shinobi. She has pale skin, white hair tied in a high ponytail, and purple eyes. She has a reserved nature and is sensitive to lights and sounds, but becomes more outgoing once befriended. Hisoka became an Outcast Shinobi when information about her having Sensory processing disorder was leaked out by an Aid Shinobi schoolteacher.

Bokusatsu Dokuro First AcademyEdit


Aid ShinobiEdit

Spectrum Extent National AcademyEdit


Lone ShinobiEdit

Yamida Clandestine Girls' AcademyEdit





Outcast Shinobi (排斥忍 Haseikinin): Shinobi, good or evil, who have been ostracized by the shinobi world for certain reasons (such as having a disability) and are often either shunned, seen as a burden, and/or mocked. They have and believe in a "no excuses, no limits" philosophy.

Aid Shinobi (補助忍 Hojonin): The general term for Good Shinobi who work under any good organization and/or charity of their choice. They use their powers for helping others and believe that it is their duty to do so, whether their help is wanted and/or needed or not. Aid Shinobi are obligated to do good deeds for others and will do whatever it takes to do so even if they have to resort to actions that could be seen as evil; they also believe in salvation by works.

Lone Shinobi (孤独忍 Kodokunin): The general term for Evil Shinobi who work for anyone willing to pay them, do them favors, or they work solo. They use their powers for serving whoever they work for, receiving favors from, or themselves. Lone Shinobi are independent and do not usually help others for free; they also believe in salvation by grace.

Shinobi Transformation - When a shinobi changes her outfit and gains stronger powers. The outfit represents the shinobi's armor and ideal appearance.

Frantic Mode - When a shinobi gains stronger powers and extra speed.

Shinobi Barrier - A battle space created by shinobi to keep out civilians.

Guardians - Animals used as the foundation for Secret Ninja Arts.

Secret Ninja Arts - Attacks used by shinobi.

Ultimate Secret Ninja Art - A high-level Secret Ninja Art. It is mastered when a shinobi has unlocked their true potential.

Secret Fusion Ninja Art - A Secret Ninja Art that can only be activated when two shinobi are perfectly in sync.


Shinobi Transformation Scroll (忍変身スクロール Shinobi Henshin Sukurōru): a vital tool; it is the transformation item for all shinobi. The scroll is used to transform. The transformation phrase is Shinobi Turnover!

Secret Ninja Art Scroll (秘伝忍法スクロール Hiden Ninpou Sukurōru): used for Secret Ninja Arts.


Spectrum Extent National Academy (国立スペクトル範囲学院 Kokuritsu Supekutoru Hani Gakuin) - The former school of Kurumi, Kuroiko, Miyuki, Yumeko, and Hisoka.

Bokusatsu Dokuro First Academy (撲殺髑髏第一学院 Bokusatsu Dokuro Daiichi Gakuen) - WIP

Yamida Clandestine Girls' Academy (秘立闇田女子学院 Heritsu Yamidajoshi Gakuen) - WIP

Spectrum's Secret Hideout - This is where Kurumi, Kuroiko, Miyuki, Yumeko, and Hisoka currently reside. The hideout is in a hidden area on Spectrum Extent National Academy grounds.



Movies and OVAsEdit








  • As confirmed by the author, this series is inspired by and based on the Senran Kagura series.
  • It is the first Senran Kagura fanseries to have characters that have disabilities.
  • The groups of shinobi have beliefs that match real world beliefs.
    • Outcast Shinobi believe in "no excuses, no limits" which is a belief being spread and supported by Luca "Lazylegz" Patuelli.
    • Aid Shinobi believe in salvation by works which is a Catholic belief.
    • Lone Shinobi believe in salvation by grace which is a Protestant belief.

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