Samuel Issac
Shidou pv
Appears in Date a Live
Age 14
Gender Male
Race Human
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Orange
Personal Status
Relatives Kallie Issac (Sister)

Mana Talicia (Sister)

Occupation Student

Member of Ratatoskr

VA (English) Eric Stuart

Samuel "Sid" Issac is a main character appearing in Date A Live.


An ordinary boy living in an ordinary life with his sister, Kallie Issac. Until one day an armored Super Being decends to Earth. He was forced to work with the Super Being Protection Service, also known as the "Ratatoskr", to save the Super Beings from the AST (Anti Super-Being Team).





Voice Actor

  • English: Eric Stuart

Differences between her character in the original TV series/Trivia

  • His nickname: Sid, is a nod to his original name: Shidou.


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