She is the main character of Kaitou Rose.


She is a 16-year-old high school freshman girl at St. Joseph Jewish High School. She's amazingly athletic, flexible, and nimble, which makes her the top athlete at school. She take Judo, Aikido, Capoeira, Tae Kwon Doe, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Kendo, Ninjutsu and Kung Fu lessons from her dad, Makoto who is a martial arts teacher whenever she has spare time. Also her grades are among some of the school's best. Sakura often comes across as empathetic, sympathetic, sweet, kindhearted, straightforward, serious, and just plain stubborn at times. She also a little sassy and impudent at times. She takes everything seriously and nothing for granted, while trying to keep her identity of Kaitou (Mysterious Thief) Rose a secret from everyone – excluding a few people -

People who knows Sakura is Rose

  • her best friend, Ichigo
  • her best friend parents, Natsuki and Ikuto
  • her childhood and best friend parents, Misaki and Junichi
  • her childhood friend and boyfriend, Tadase
  • her childhood friend and boyfriend parents, Tsuki and Kukai
  • her parents,
  • her family
  • the members of Hāto no kagayaku yume

You see ever since her 4Xgreat grandmother that all the members of Sakura family and relatives of her mothers and some or most ones who are married into her family, have/had been Kaitous for generations. So being a Phantom Thief is in her/Sakura blood. When that when the time was right, the parents would tell there child that their fate was to be a Phantom Thief too and become a Kaitou on that day and it's been like this for generations.

It's a tradition for the offspring to become a Phantom Thief at the age of eleven in her family.

She and her family are apart of a secret group called Hāto no kagayaku yume with its members all over Japan and stationed in a town and/or city.


Ichigo Suzuhara, who is a Rabbi-in-training, is the main source of information for Rose's capers to take place.

Tadase is another friend and a long distance boyfriend of Sakura's is also a phantom theif but in a different locations near Japan.


Ever since she was little girl until she was 15, Aki trained her through training traps every time she came back from school and the traps would be different everytime because Aki mad sure she stay on her toes. Aki used to tell her bed time stories of Kaitou Virtue, Kaitou Heart, Kaitou Angelic Prism etc stories.

She first met Ichigo after Tadase moved away after a few weeks.

Role in Plot


Her appearance as Rose and Sakura Yamada contrast extremely. As Sakura, her hair is red, long, and straight as well as wearing it down, along with her school uniform and casual clothes. Her eyes are also blue. Her skin tone is porcelain. She also goes all natural with her face, not putting on makeup, unless it's for a special occasion.

As Rose, her dress is based on a red rose with the skirt being layered in a similar pattern as a rose's petals. Her upper torso is dark green, like the stem, and her boots are supposed to resemble the thorns of the rose. The skirt is short, but not too revealing. Her hair is white and done in a bun and is usually adorned with hair accessories that look like rose petals. Her eyes are red. She also wears a red mask covers her eye region and cheeks, while keeping her mouth and nose from being covered. She has a red watch that helps her communicate with her informant. Her sleeves are long, while wearing green gloves with red fringes. She also wears a white rose necklace, and matching earrings. Her boots are red knee-high, high-heel boots that each have white rose on the toes that matches the necklace and earrings. She also wears red lipstick, white eyeliner and green eyeshadow as Rose. Her calling card is (a) red rose(s) with a card attach to it.

Kaitou Rose

She does not let anyone get in the way of her work, not even the most clever and cunning of policemen. Another skill that Sakura has is that she's amazing at speaking French, German, Latin, Russian, English, and Spanish, which gives her an edge as Rose – she will often speak Spanish during her work, as she uses that to confuse her pursuers.

Despite always being chased by the police – even though she's labeled as their ally – she always gets away using her martial arts abilities, and an arsenal of weapons that resemble any kind of flowers, thorns, etc, but do not do any harm to others, besides immobilizing them, confusing them, or just plain throwing them off her trail.

She's a master of disguise and she has things like a stereoscope, sensing goggles, Bluetooth headset, walkie talkie, a miniature microphone, digital voice recorder, infrared goggles, earphone, night vision goggles, microchip reader, etc to help her on her missions.

She recitfy the sin and comes of the greedy and corrupt.

She has reputation for being a Dark Angel (An Angel during the night).

Rose is a friend to the innocent, and an enemy all of who are dishonest because rose's nightly "heists" are actually missions to get any illegally obtained items, and get them back to their original owners, or steal something for a perfectly good reason such as stopping an arranged marriage that one of the betrothed does not want that justifies what she does.

She's influenced by many other Phantom Thieves who do the exact same thing. However, there was the most recently retired Phantom Thief,

More than twenty years ago another Phantom Thief, Angelic Prism, just returned his or her stolen items all of a sudden and then disappeared. Now, sixteen years later, a new Phantom Thief Rose has surfaced and is picking up where

She does not let anyone get in the way of her work, not even the most clever and cunning of policemen. She will often speak Russian during her work. She has an amazing athletic ability.

That there are phantom thieves for generations that do nightly "heists" that are actually missions to get any stolen – or otherwise taken dishonestly – items, and get them back to their original owners, or steal something for a perfectly good reason – such as stopping an arranged marriage that one of the betrothed does not want.

Her athletic ability and cleverness is what makes her so elusive.


  • She is trained in a way similar to Daisuke Niwa from DNAngel.

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