Sakamoto Amaya
Amaya digital ref
Kanji 坂本雨夜
Age 16
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Gray-brown
Eye Color Amber
Personal Status
Occupation Magical-Machine (Battle) Girl
VA (Japanese) Nishi Asuka

Sakamoto Amaya (坂本雨夜 Sakamoto Amaya) is the main protagonist of Fight! Kotori-Tank! She can transform into the titular battle girl Kotori-Tank (ことりタンク Kotori Tanku).



  • Name: Sakamoto Amaya
  • Alias: Kotori-Tank
  • Age: 16 years
  • Birthday: April 30
  • Alignment: Heroine
  • Occupation: 2nd year high school student

  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 155 cm (205 cm when transformed)
  • Eye Color: Amber
  • Hair Color: Gray-brown


Amaya is, to put it brief, not much of fighting material. She often panics over even the smallest of situations and takes all of it too seriously. She ends up becoming a bit too pessimistic as a result, and feels unsure of herself most of the time. Sometimes she can easily be mistaken for a tomboy, based on her clothing choice, but she happens to be a lot more girly than people think. She doesn't mind if she grabs people's attention, even if not intended, and can be much of an extrovert.


She has amber eyes, and her gray-brown hairstyle is always the same: the shorter portion let down, and the longer portion held into a ponytail by the Lucky Fresh Bow. Her normal outfit consists of a midriff-baring blue shirt and tan leggings combination, with the shirt's sleeves rolled to her elbows and the leggings at knee-length. She accompanies all of her outfits with black slip-ons.




  • Kousaka Nobuo is a boy from Amaya's school who she has a love interest in.
  • Yashima Seiya has a relationship, yet to be confirmed, with Amaya.


Kotori-Tank (ことりタンク Kotori Tanku) is Amaya's alter ego, which she transforms into after activating her Lucky Fresh Bow.


Her eyes and hair retain the same color, but her hair grows longer and a hair ring forms between the bow and ponytail. Now reduced to a larger head, it sits on top of a large, dark-green tank.


Target Lock-On! (ターゲットロックオン! Tāgetto Rokku On!)
Kotori-Tank uses this phrase once she has secured where she will shoot. This must be used before anything else can be done. Interestingly, she can already project where she will fire because of crosshairs being visible in her sight at all times.
As soon as she uses the phrase and secures her target, she is able to shoot from a part of her hair which acts as her cannon.


As the main protagonist, Amaya has several songs sung by her voice actress, Nishi Asuka.

  • Get Ready! (ゲットレディ! Getto Redi!)
    • The first image song dedicated to Amaya.
  • Little Petite ♥ (少し小柄 ♥ Sukoshi kogara ♥)
    • The second image song dedicated to Amaya.
  • Miracle Maker (ミラクルメーカー Mirakuru mēkā)
    • The second image song dedicated to Kotori-Tank.


  • Arguably, she can be considered the author's second machine girl, if Kita Hikari is counted as one.
  • Amaya is called "Amai-chi" by her classmates when teasing her.
  • Kotori, which translates to "little bird", may refer to Amaya's little self, compared to her enemies, but having a strong will for freedom.


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