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Sabrina Fortissimo (ff)
Kanji サブリナフォルティッシモ(ff)
TV Series information
Directed by TBA
Producers TBA
Writers TBA
Episodes 12 (listed)
Airdate 2015
Languages English


Music By Yuki Kajiura
Picture format 16:9
Studio SHAFT
Distributor Aniplex
Original Run 2015 - Present

Sabrina Fortissimo (サブリナ フォルティッシモ(ff), lit. Tremendous Sabrina) is a spin-off of Magica Quartlet's Magical Molly! series. The show features Sabrina Mickey as the title character.


Team SabrinaEdit

  • Sabrina Mickey (Sarah Williams/Eri Kitamura), The tomboyish, brash, & confident leader of her own team.
  • Kacey Stevens (Lauren Landa/Ai Nonaka), The hotheaded muscle of the team.
  • Kristen Margret (Monica Rial/Sakura Ayane),
  • Michelle Kazusa (Brittney Karbowski/Yui Horie), A Dark Orb magical girl who joins the heroic team.
  • Nichole Kanna (???/???), the Magical Girl who relies on tech.

Supporting CharactersEdit



  • Raven (Erica Schoeder/Maaya Uchida)
  • Katie K. Kure (???/???), a mysterious clawed Magical Girl.


Not yet announced.



  • It was hinted that the spin-off took place before the 3rd Magical Molly! movie started.

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