This is the first episode of Rune Factory ~Serenade of the Heart~.

Chord 1 : Lisette
Japanese title CHORD 1:リゼット
Episode Information
Episode no. 1
Directed by Hikaruaizora
Writers Hikaruaizora
Airdate December 3rd, 2017
Languages Japanese (ja)
English (en)
Duration 23 minutes
Studio P.A.Works (Japan)
Media Blasters (NA)
Distributor Square Enix
Episode Navigation
Chord 2 : For The Sake of World Domination


Many years ago, there was a continent called Adonea. It is a very large continent, and it has many kingdoms and empires on it. Amongst the kingdoms, there are two kingdoms which is a power house in the continent. One is Norad, a kingdom with a bountiful natural resources. And the other is Sech, a technology-driven empire bordering Norad. Was lorded over by a fiendish Emperor named Ethelberd.

Many years has passed, Ethelberd went missing and Sech become a republic. For the past one hundred year, everything went well. Until one night, a meteor shower appeared in the sky. It appeared in both Norad and Sech, and strange things begin to happen in both kingdom and republic after that. The weather changing unpredictably, and monsters begin to attack humans. Even if they are in the middle of the cities. Many people has come to investigate, but no one has return. Amongst that, there is a tune that always heard in the middle of the night. Many people from both the kingdom and the republic has been sent to investigate the song, but no one has returned.

ーSech Empire, Floating castle.

A woman, who looks like in her 30s sat

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