Ruby Roberts
MyStyle (1)
Age 12
Gender Female
Race Human/Magical Girl
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
Occupation Magical Girl
VA (English) Philece Sampler

Ruby Roberts  is a member of The All-Star Magic Girls.


Ruby helps the weak and has a strong sense of justice and gentleness when she consoles people. With her sense of duty as a magical girl and her excellent fighting skills, she goes on her own to bring down any enemy that approaches her.

She is cool, serious, obtaining excellent grades, and a capable girl. Strict both with herself and with others.

Ruby is an active and smart girl, and she is quite popular in her school.


Ruby has blonde hair and purple eyes.






Foreign NamesEdit

  • Japanese: ルビー・ロバーツ (Rubi Robatsu)
  • Chinese: 红宝石罗伯茨 (Hóngbǎoshí Luōbócí)
  • Thai: ทับทิมโรเบิร์ต (Thạbthim Ro Beir̒t)
  • Macedonian: рубин Робертс (Rubin Roberts)
  • Marathi: दाट लाल रंग रॉबर्ट्स (Dāṭa Lāla Raṅga Rŏbarṭsa)
  • Korean: 루비 로버츠 (Lubi Lobeocheu)
  • Mongolian: бадмаараг Робертс (Badmaarag Robyerts)
  • Bengali: রুবি রবার্টস (Rubi Rabārṭasa)
  • Telugu: రూబీ రాబర్ట్స్ (Rūbī Rābarṭs)
  • Serbian: рубин Робертс (Rubin Roberts)
  • Arabic: روبي روبرتس (Rubi Rwbrts)



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