Royal Academy (ロイヤル 学園 Roiyaru Gakuen?) is the school in Idol Star☆Cinderella. It's a co-ed school that's known for it's idol training program. It's current headmistress is Tekika Reina.


From the outside, the school is a large beige colored building, with black roofs.


The standard look of the dorms are beige buildings with black roofs, and a dark brown door. Beside the door to the rooms is a black plaque with the students names in gold. The inside of the dorm is two beds, a wardrobe, two desks and a mirror next to the door. The space under the bed can be used as storage. Excluding painting the walls or moving furiture around, the dorms are allowed to be personalized however the person likes.



Notable StudentsEdit

Notable Fairy PartnersEdit

Notable StaffEdit


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