Rose Michikawa
道川ローズ 'Michikawa Rozu'
Age15 (S1)
16 (S2)
Eye ColorDark rose pink
Hair Colorred
Home PlaceMichikawa Villa
RelativesPoppy Michikawa (mother)
Hideki Michikawa (father)
Japanese Voice ActorMiyuki Sawashiro


Rose is a very mature person, she is very beautiful and has a strong personality, she is afraid of herself because of her powers. She almost burnt her house, a shopping mall and a school room, everytime her powers "activates", her body temperature increases and she gets a headache. She gets heavily bullied at school, but everytime she gets angry a fire wall appears or a firestorm appears. She now learns how to perfectly masterize her powers at the Institute with her best friend Asami, she goes to the institute every time after school. At school she's still bullied but she gains more control of her powers and protect her from the bullying of the others. Rose and Asami have a good friendship with Kiyoshi, Kazuki and Nari, they go eating pizza all together, going to the cinema and practicing their powers. Rose is wanted by the Dr. Braindead because of her powers, she's extremely powerful and Maiko who's jealous of her wants to kill her. But with the help of all her friends she will stop the Dr. Braindead before a misery occurs.

As her mother stated she received her psychic powers by her grandmother, her grandmother possessed great fire abilities allowing her to burn things. She was known as a powerful psychic and this was passed to Rose. Her mother is a fashion designer and is the head of the Atelier Rouge and her father is a great scientist. She likes helping her mother with her creations and like Asami, likes being her mother's model. Her favorite passion is mostly cooking, she would like to be a chef and to own her own restaurant, she would like to call it Rose's Spicy Garden. She's determined to go to a school specialized in cooking, her parents supports her in her dream and she really appreciate it. She likes helping her Villa's chef with the dinner and with her powers she sometimes warms up meals and try to not burn them. Her another passion is sewing, she likes creating clothes and thinks that she could also be a fashion designer. Due to her strong powers, she moved a lot because of the other students' bullying and almost killed students creating a firestorm. She is now under full control of her powers, she lives a happy lives with her new friends and regularly goes to the institute.


Rose is very mature, she stays strong before the students who bullies her but everytime she gets angry, fire appears all around. She's now much more masterizing her powers and gain perfect control under them. She's headstrong, caring and tolerant and is described as having a spicy personality.

When she was little, she got headaches and her body temparature increased before fire appears. She doesn't have headaches anymore now that she control her powers.


Main article: Rose Michikawa/Outfits

Rose is extremely beautiful, she has pale skin, she has dark rose pink eyes and a side red hair on the left with a braid.

She usually wears her uniform who consists of a white chemise, a navy blue blazer, a navy and light blue checked pleated skirt with a maroon belt, long white socks and black loafers.

Her casual outfit consist of a sleeveless lace red top with many black stripes, a black pencil skirt, red sandals with an ankle bracelet with roses on it and a necklace with an R and a silver rose.


  • Pyrokinesis - Rose's main power, she possesses a deadly power but learns to carefully control them, she can create weapons out of fire and can also throw fire in a wide area. Rose can burn things fastly just by looking at them.
  • Pyrokinetic Constructs - With this power Rose can create things such as fire walls, blades or whips out of fire, she can also create a variety of weapons and also dragons. Rose doesn't to take fire to create a construction, she just have to generate fire to create a weapon out of it. Due to this power being malevolent and dangerous, it needs extreme focus to manipulate it.
  • Fire Wall Generation - Rose can generate fire walls, to protect her and her friends, she generate huge walls made of fire, it act as a shield. She uses this when she's bullied when she gets angry and a very hot and dangerous wall of fire appears.
  • Pyrokinetic Blade Constructs - She can create blades out of fire and can cut any obstacle before her, she can also attack enemies with this power and can harm them.
  • Pyrokinetic Whip - Rose can create whips out of fire and use it against her enemies, she can generate various numbers of whips and use them. Like all of her powers, she just have to look at something/someone to use this power.
  • Pyrokinetic Bow - Rose can create a bow, she can generate a bow out of fire and fire arrows and target it at the opponent.
  • Pyroportation - With this power, Rose can go to a location to another using fire, when she uses this power, a "swirl" of fire appears and she teleport to her wanted location.
  • Pyrokinetic Combat - Rose can mix her physical abilities with fire and use it in combat, she can also use this to fly with the help of fire and can fight with fire.
  • Fire Throwing - Rose can throw huge jets of fire in a wide area, she can turn anything into ashes just by throwing fire out of her hand, it is extremely dangerous and needs control.
  • Firestorm Creation - An extremely dangerous power who can turn everything around into ashes in seconds, it needs even more control to master this power.
  • Super Speed - Rose has proved to be extremely fast, she can create whirlwinds, her super speed allows her to use it in combat and in other things.
  • Speed Fighting - With her super speed, she can fights very fast and gives her inuhuman strength.
  • Super Durability - Rose can stand powerful attacks and hits, she also shown to stand fireballs (because of her pyrokinetic powers she is immunized to the fire) and has shown eletrical immunity.
  • Super Strength - She has shown to be extremely strong, she can mix her super strength and her speed fighting to enhance her physical abilities wich gives her even more powers.


Firstly, Rose is a huge fan of her favorite series: The Secret Investigations of Julia Winter with Asami, they watch it everytime. She love that series and has all the five books.

She loves spicy and exotic food such as spanish cuisine, she loves paella and chic

She loves cats, she has a pet Mallow a light brown cat, she takes good care of him.


Asami OchitsuEdit

Asami is Rose's childhood and best friend, they share lots of common points, such as loving the same series, cats and food. They always are "glued" together and as Asami said herself, they're like sisters. They spend all their time together and share the same tastes (except in fashion) and are very close to each others.

Rose goes to Asami's house almost every time, Asami's mother likes Rose and Masayuki likes playing with both of girls. They do things such as sleepovers and what they call "the Julia Winter Night Show", they go to each other with the integrality of Julia Winter's adventures and watch it with popcorn. They do it all time.

Seo NariEdit

Rose becamed a good friend of Nari, she spend her time with both Asami and Nari, they share lots of common points all three. Nari likes a lot Vampire Diaries and loves the actress Phoebe Tonkin, Rose seems to really like this actress a lot. Asami, her, likes Claire Holt a lot, they like watching films and going to the cinema all three.

Nari likes teaching to the girls how to master their powers but its not only that, they go eating in the same restaurants and share lots of common points in food.

Kiyoshi AndersonEdit

Kiyoshi is the one who introduced Rose and Asami to his father's institute, she really likes him and has a crush on him and he feel the same. She likes reading books and he also like it, Kiyoshi really is in love with her.

Kiyoshi saved Rose more than once and she did the same and so that increased the love for each other. They like reading and calm environement (despite Rose having a destructing power) and they both loves food of other countries. She becamed her girlfriend after he saved her once again, they confessed to each others and kissed.

Kazuki NishinoEdit

She has good relationships with Kazuki but hates when he is acting badly, Rose doesn't understand what is interesting in him, when Kazuki started having a crush on Asami and changed his personality a bit, she started to suppport him a bit more.

Kazuki really likes Rose and everytime she uses her powers, he claims that she's cool and when Asami uses her powers he can't stop repeating: "that's awesome!". He is really in love with Asami and really wants to be her boyfriend. Rose is the one who pushed him to go talking to her.


  • Her mother named her Rose because she loves this flower and also because in the room she were a the hospital there was roses.
  • Rose seems to like a lot stories about paranormal but hates horror films.
  • Rose have lots of books and the books she have the most are: "Paranormal Things","Astral Projection","Spirit Focusing","Psionic" and "Pyrokinesis".
  • Her necklace is somewhat of a lucky charm for her.

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