ローザ 'Roza'
Age12 000 light years
Eye ColorPink
Hair ColorPink with lavender gradient
Home PlaceXenorosacean Castle
RelativesQueen Rosy (mother)
King Moyashi (father)
Irida (sister)
Astera (sister)
Amarantha (sister)
Japanese Voice ActorHorie Yui

Rosa is the main protagonist of ALIEN.


Rosa lives with her sister in the castle of the planet Xenorosaceae, she's a princess and will soon take the throne with the main lead of the planet with her sisters and her parents. She's pretty, kind, brave and fearless, she also shown several times that she can be very playful. With Irida, Astera, Olea and Amarantha, she trains to use her powers and her weapons, so they can be prepared when a danger come. She is the childhood friend of Fleur de Givre, princess of the ice planet Crystalline, they constantly visit each other and Fleur de Givre likes playing with Rosa's sisters. Rosa is extremely devoted and when the Earth was in danger because of the morphs, she was the first to chose herself to go on Earth and mix herself with the humans to found the Xenomorphs' king to get rid of him. As her mission keep going, Fleur de Givre and her met other alien girls such as Ageha, Marion Netta, Luna and Ruby, they becamed friends all six and are willing to save Earth.


Rosa has long wavy pink hair with a purple gradient, her skin is extremely pale, on her legs are rainbow neon lines that changes color, she has an unnatural shade of pink eyes.

She wears a pink top with puffy sleeves with rainbow neon lines, she wears a petal-like magenta skirt with white/rainbow neon lines. She wears magenta boots and lavender leg warmers. She wears a petal-like pink-lavender tiara with rainbow neon lines that is one of the Xenorosacean Crowns.


Rosa is devoted, determined, headstrong and brave, she nevers gives up, she is always ready to fight and is willing to protect, she honorably calls that a duty. She is also sweet, adorable and kind, as she cares deeply for her friends and family, she's pretty and soft-spoken.


Rosa possesses the usual Xenorosacean powers but like her parents and sisters, they are even more powerful. Her powers are:

  • Xenospore - Rosa can shoot spores wich are fulled with toxin, she can also use these spores for an hypnotic use. The toxin is extremely dangerous.
  • Xenovine - Rosa can manipulate toxic vines, she can imprison people in cages mades of vines, she is also able to generates walls of vines and vines with spikes.
  • Xenochlorokinesis - Rosa can manipulate plants, she can mutate them into monsters and can uses the plants for lots of uses like healing, poisoning or hypnose.
  • Xenopalynokinesis - Rosa can manipulate pollen for lots uses, like paralyzing, hypnotizing or put people to sleep.
  • Plant Growth - Rosa can grew plants and transform them into monsters and manipulate them.
  • Chloropoeia - Rosa can transform anything into plants.
  • Xenorosacean Magic - Rosa is very powerful at using the magic of her planet, she is a powerful magician just like her parents and sisters.
  • Flight - Rosa can fly using her petal like wings.
  • Super Strength - Rosa is very strong and powerful, being able to move or stop a car, makes reinforced door fall with little to no effort.
  • Weapon Specialist - Rosa knows a lot about weapons, with her powerful magic she is able to forge weapons with powerful attacks.


  • Xeno Vine Whip - A whip made out of Rosa's and the Xeno Flower's magic, it has spikes that are poisoined and harmful.
  • Floraguns - Guns crafted and charged with Rosa's magic.
  • Xenoflora Sword - Like all of her weapons, it was crafted and charged with Rosa's magic.
  • Xenospore Cannon - A cannon that shoots toxic and/or paralyzint spores that can be mixed with Xenorosacean magic.



Rosa loves her parents and shares strong bonds with her sisters, she tell everything to them, even when they were separated, they communicate with each other and she worries a lot about them. Rosa said that if her mission on Earth is over quicly then she would immediatly return home to see her sisters.


Since her childhood, she knows Fleur de Givre, they spend all their time together and share close bonds. When she met Ageha, Marion Netta, Luna and Ruby they becamed friends quickly. She also shares things with them but not like she do with her sister.


Rosa holds an huge crush on Matsuro Hasegawa who feels the same, everytime they meet, Rosa blushes and starts playing with her hair. When she's anxious when Matsuro is around, plants and vines grows up. She really wants to be with him even that is a human, but she searches a spell that could grant him immortality so they can be together.


  • Rosa can be seen with two sides: her brave and powerful side and her other side is a awkward and smoother side (mostly with Matsuro).
  • She loves eating fries, meatballs, stuffed tomatoes (mostly with beef and cheese) and drinking strawberry/banana smoothies.
  • She hates people who are extremely talkative and people who tends to get angry very fast.
  • She loves classical music that calms her and house.
  • She has known to be extremely comfortable with human people despite never been with humans before.
  • Rosa loves everything that is pink, if she could do, she could have a house full of every shades of pink.
  • She likes listening to music, swimming, gardening and flower arranging.
  • Her other self reflects lots of her personality.

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