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Rocky Horror Dream Stage is a 2015 magical girl anime series based on The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The series was created to celebrate the movie's 40th anniversary. It began airing on NHK on February 1, 2015.


For many years, the planet of Transexual in the galaxy of Transylvania has been a successful civilization. However, in recent years, their civilization has fallen into despair because of the True Universe Army's invasion of Transexual. Not only has the planet been in an ongoing war, but the True Servants destroyed most of the planet and wiped out the memories of most of the citizens, because of the True Universe army's ultimate goal: to make their species the only species in the universe! The ruler of Transexual, the Old Queen, sent Frank N Furter, the prince of Transexual, and two royal servants, Riff Raff and Magenta, to Earth to fight off the True Universe Army, and restore the planet back to normal. In order to fight off the army easily, Frank must become a Transexual Mage and find others who will join his team. With the help of a teenage girl named Columbia, Brad and Janet, two humans who come to his castle during the Annual Transylvanian Convention, and Frank N Furter's creation, Rocky Horror, Frank's team of Transexual Mages plan to stop the True Universe Army and protect Earth and Transexual.

Rocky Horror Dream Stage
(Rokkī Horā Dorīmu Sutēji)
Licensor20th Century Fox Television (United States and United Kingdom)
NetworkNHK (Japan), LOGO TV, FXX (United States), Sky One (UK)
Original RunFebruary 1, 2015-January ???, 2016 (Japan)

September 12, 2015-September 13, 2015 (Fathom Events screening of episodes 1-3) September 18, 2015 (LOGO TV debut) October 31, 2015 (FXX and Sky One debut)

SuccessorRocky Horror Shining Spotlight
Opening SongTransylvanian Spirit! (episodes 1-25) Hopes and Dreams (episodes 26-48)
Ending SongTransexual Mage Victory Cheer! (Episodes 1-25), Mage Party! (Episodes 26-47), Moonlight's Kiss [Everyone Sings Version] (Episode 48)

The English logo for the series.


Main characters

Frank N Furter (Voiced by Masashi Ebara in Japanese, Tim Curry in English)

The main protagonist, who is the prince of Transexual, Transylvania. He was sent to Earth to fight against the True Servants in order to save his planet as a Transexual Mage.

Columbia (Voiced by Kumiko Takizawa in Japanese, Andrea Libman in English)

A young teenage girl who showed up at Frank's mansion one day and became one of Frank's Transexual Mages. She is childish and hyperactive. Columbia has the Pendant of Hope, a magical Transylvanian artifact that brings good and bad luck to the bearer.

Riff Raff (Voiced by Masashi Ebara in Japanese, Richard O' Brien in English)

One of Frank's servants. At times, he acts like he is loyal to Frank, but when Frank isn't there, he will torture and scare the rest of the Mages. He also loves his sister Magenta.

Magenta (Voiced by in Japanese, Tabitha St. Germain in English)

One of Frank's servants. Columbia always sees Magenta as her big sister, and they often get along together. She also loves her brother Riff Raff.

Rocky Horror (Voiced by Shinnosuke Tachibana in Japanese, Lee Tockar in English)

Frank N Furter's creation, who became one of the Mages shortly after he was born.

Brad Majors (Voiced by Kazuhiko Inouee in Japanese, Vic Mignogna in English)

A human from the town of Denton who becomes a Transexual Mage. He really loves Janet, and he's the smartest Mage.

Janet Weiss (Voiced by in Japanese by Gara Takashima, Christina Vee in English)

A human from the town of Denton who becomes a Transexual Mage. She often gets nervous as a Mage and is scared of the True Servants and Frank N Furter's castle.

The Old Queen

Frank N Furter's mother who is the ruler of Transexual, she often is able to communicate with the Mages through the Transexual Palette.

Minor characters


A boy who is Columbia's boyfriend. He is a juvenile delinquent, and due to this he's known as a "no good kid". Frank hates Eddie, as he is afraid Eddie may take Columbia, away from him someday, which would break his heart. Eddie gets murdered by Frank in episode 26.

Dr. Scott

He is Brad and Janet's teacher at Denton High, and Frank thinks he came to the castle to research aliens, when he is actually looking for his nephew, Eddie.

De Lordy

The Old Queen's servant, who often gives the Old Queen the letters the Mages sent to Transylvania. He also looks for any danger that may be heading towards Transexual.

Cutie Choco

A cat-like creature born from Columbia's Pendant of Hope in episode 34. Cutie Choco was born from Columbia's wish to have someone to love and protect her like Eddie once did. She claims that she is the pure version of The Hungry Monster, the main antagonist from episode 14 that her pendant created due to Columbia lying. After the Mages had defeated her evil form, she saw how good and pure Columbia truly was, and she felt sorry for Columbia when her boyfriend got killed, and those feelings lead to Cutie Choco's birth.



The first of the Major True Servants, he hates Frank N Furter and all Transylvanians. Vile's attacks are darkness-based.


The second of the Major True Servants, she has the power to seduce anyone by her songs. She wants to be the most beautiful woman in the universe. Her attacks are plant-based.


The third Major True Servant who is also the Mage Kidnapper. He seduces unsuspecting Mages and kidnaps them in his Mage House, brothel-like places where humans can have sex with Mages. His main goal is to steal Columbia's Pendant of Hope so that he can become more powerful and take over the universe.

Popcorn and Cotton Candy

The fourth and fifth True Servants, they are young twin sisters that love tricking people into coming to their "Magical Carnivals", which actually turn out to be traps that turn humans. Their attacks are carnival and circus-based.

Mage Devices and Mage Objects

Transexual Palette

The Transexual Palette allows the user to transform into their Transexual Mage form, summons their Songton (Columbia can summon her Songton using her Pendant of Hope), communicate with the Old Queen, Riff Raff, and Magenta, and it allows the user to use the group attack with the other Mages on their team. In order to transform, the user must say "Transexual Mage (Mages if it is a group transformation), Transform Beautifully!", and after putting it in, must use the Mage Pen inside the Palette to touch the respective hearts in a respective sequence according to their Mage identity. 

Mage Charms

The series' main collectable item of the series. There are many types of Mage Charms that have many effects, such as allowing a Mage to transform, giving a Mage special powers, and helping the Mage to help solve problems in the real world.


The Songton is the main weapon of the Transexual Mages. There are two types of Songtons: the Sensational Songton, which Frank, Brad, Janet, and Rocky have, and the Shining Songton, which Columbia has. The Mages usually sing into the Songtons, and this powers up their attacks that they use with the Songtons.

Pendant of Hope

The Pendant of Hope is a magical pendant Columbia owns. This item is mostly worn as a necklace in Columbia’s civilian form, but when she is transformed, she wears it in the middle of her bow tie. If she transforms into her no jacket form or Floorshow Form, the pendant dangles from the center of her collar. The pendant mainly allows Columbia to summon her Shining Songton and communicate with the other Mages, Riff Raff, Magenta, and the Old Queen, but it has given her various other powers throughout the series. In episode 27, it is revealed that Pendant of Hope was created by a Transexual Mage named Alana to bring her good luck to her Transexual Mage team, and used to be more powerful than it original was until Maurice, the very first Mage Kidnapper, seduced Alana and stole her Pendant of Hope, which turned him into a monster the Old Queen (who was the Princess of Transexual at the time) defeated.

Mage Transporter

The Mage Transporter can transport the Transexual Mages from Earth to Transexual, the True Planet, and any other place where there is trouble, mainly the locations featured in the Rocky Horror Dream Stage movies.

Floor Show Music Box

The Floor Show Music Box was an old music box the Old Queen had ever since she was a little girl. At first, it appeared to be an ordinary music box, but in episode 29, its' true power was awakened. This allows the Transexual Mages to use Musical Mage Finale and allows the Transexual Mages to transform into their Floorshow Forms.

Cheerful Torches

A Cheerful Torch is a term for a spinning light toy-like item used by the characters in the standalone Rocky Horror Dream Stage films. In real life, this item is usually given out to patrons who see the Rocky Horror Dream Stage movies in theaters for use in the very scene they need to turn on their Cheerful Torches. These items usually help the Transexual Mages gain new forms or bring back the Transexual Mages' powers. Two Cheerful Torches have been seen during this series' movies: The Peace Heart Torch, used in The Land Where Love is Violent and the Sparkling Star Torch, used in Columbia and the Sparkling Twinkle Star.

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