Rocker Girl Force! is the first magical girl series created by japanesenerd247. There is a English dub version of this anime as well.

Story Edit

13 year-old girl Natsuki Hashimoto is your typical geek with glasses. Straight A’s, always getting picked on, and has a love for pop rock. She loves it so much, she even has an acoustic guitar. As she was plugging in an ancient guitar, she was given a special power: to become a pop rock star known as Blue Heart Rebel: a cute pop rock girl who plays the music everyone loves with a rebellious twist. Natsuki was also destined to form a band, so she gathered her musically talented friends: Hinata Okuyama, Ichika Torisawa, Anna Sakakibara, Nanami Hioki, and Kaiyo Kuramochi. Together, they form the band Galaxia Rebels, a pop rock girl band who combines their talent with a little geeky magic. Could they balance their geek life while trying to stop Dakongaku, a villain who would stop at nothing to destroy the music world?

Characters Edit

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