Robot Girl Alumi
(Robotto Shōjo Arumi)
Original Run2016
Opening SongMagical Blessings
Ending SongCODENAME! Reboot:Self

Robot Girl Alumi (ロボット少女アルミ Robotto Shōjo Arumi) is a magical girl anime created by Cure Alumi, and a retelling of an older series. The series combines magical girls and robots, fusing into the category "mechagical girl".


A retelling of the author's Mahou Shoujo Alumi had been planned for a while, she states, but it took her a while to bring the idea to surface. She believed that her first take on the idea was too cute and girly, and needed to have a true mix of both concepts. It wasn't until August, the same month that MSA had its first anniversary, when she finally started working on the new series.


The world goes into great peril when an alien force targets Earth as a source of energy for their own good. Unfortunately, everyone is oblivious to this. A little creature, known as a "starchild", travels to Earth to find the only hope to stop this enemy. That person happens to be Tokumiya Megumi, an artistic girl who can't seem to speak her feelings in most situations. When Megumi and the starchild cross paths, a new power is installed into a belt that Megumi almost always wears; it is the power to save Earth. Now, able to transform into the robotic warrior Alumi, Megumi is off to battle, and maybe find some true love while at it.



Tokumiya Megumi (特宮恵 Tokumiya Megumi)
Megumi...doesn't really have traits that fit together well. She's an artistic girl, her favorite part of the arts being theater. On the other hand, meanwhile, she pays little to no attention on the paths ahead of her, and causes accidents every now and then. She definitely doesn't mean it, and tries to help fix those situations. Against this, though, is that she has a rough time trying to speak out what's on her mind, possibly for the greater good, but maybe it's not the best either. She never expected to encounter a starchild, let alone become a magical girl, especially a robotic one, but she vows she will always try her best because that's what she always tries to do.


Mari (マリ様 Mari-sama)
Only known by her first name, Mari appears to be a young woman in her 20's. She always has her eyes hidden in her long bangs, possibly to hide another identity... She has a vast amount of intelligence, mostly in the science and technology fields, which helps her in making new inventions. Her goal is much less evil than most other evil villains; she only wants to be recognized, and doesn't want Megumi taking all of the attention away.

Imoto Hisoka (伊本密 Imoto Hisoka)
Hisoka is a normal girl(?) who was adopted by Mari after her parents died at birth. Like Megumi, she also came across a starchild, but instead an evil starchild. She has a mysterious aura around her, and is trying to remember something, specifically about her family. She also happens to be a magical girl...well, also a robotic one...dubbed as Tellu.

Other CharactersEdit

See Other Characters in RGA for more info on others.


Star Belt (スターベルト Sutā Beruto)
Megumi's transformation item. It is her favorite belt transformed by a starchild into a powerful device to activate her transformation. In civilian, it looks like a normal belt, but when transformed, it takes on a blue color scheme. In order to transform, she presses the middle button and uses the phrase "Reboot: self".
Hisoka also has her own Star Belt which works in the same manner, though when transformed, the middle button is yellow.


Tokyo (東京 Tōkyō)
Tokyo, the most populated city in the world, happens to be where Megumi lives, and is the main setting of the story.

Seijin no Kami High School (聖人の神高校 Seijin no Kami Kōkō)
Often referred to as SnK, it is a prestigious high school located on the Eastern edge of Tokyo, and the school Megumi attends. The name, sans the High School portion, translates to God's Saints.




Staff and CastEdit






Cast is updated whenever a new voice actor is revealed!

  • Nakajima Chisato as Tokumiya Megumi



  • At first, while the main character is a girl, female viewers were unsure if it was going to have magical girl elements.

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