She's one of the villains in Shining Passion Pretty Cure. She's actually a girl name Mao Misawa.



Mao was mean, mischievous and pays no attention to others, she only cares for herself while she was Reclusia.


Before becoming one of Lord Mizatei MinionsEdit

Before the series began, she ran away from her parents because they forced her to be the best and put her under a lot of pressure and think they don't really care about her and not want her to be herself. On the night she ran away with her things and leaving her parents behind a note of why she's leaving, she encountered Lord Mizatei who brainwash her and turn her into Reclusia.

Her final battle with Cures Edit

In her, Scorpio, Goliath, Iwa and Chimera final battle against the Cures

After being purified and freed from Lord Mizatei Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit



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