Rebels (レベルズ Reberuzu) is a series that CureKanade has created.


Rebels Episodes

On Earth, there are ten people who are being hunted down. Nowhere is safe for them. They can't trust anyone except for each other. Three have been killed already. Six remain alive. They are called the Rebels.



Miyato Natsumi (宮戸  なつみ Miyato Natsumi)
Voice Actor: Nana Mizuki
Natsumi is the main character and is also known as Number Nine. She hates the people who killed her sister and will do anything to avenge her death. She is an anti-social seventeen year old girl who doesn't trust anyone, not even her fellow rebels. She will do anything to survive and is very good at stealing things from shops without being caught. She is strong, stubborn and determined and uses a knife and a crossbow to protect herself from the people who killed her sister. She falls in love with Watanabe Seiji and will do anything to protect him.

Watanabe Seiji (渡辺 政治 Watanabe Seiji)
Voice Actor: Hiroshi Kamiya
Seiji is a fellow rebel of Natsumi's and is also known as Number Two. He was in the same room as Miyato Chihiro was killed in and escaped when he was about to be killed. He regrets not saving Chihiro since she was Natsumi's sister and thinks Natsumi hates him. He is a eighteen year old boy who just wants to get out of the mess and doesn't want to die. He likes to read and thinks of what's going on is like the Hunger Games, but different since everyone is out to kill the "tributes" a.k.a him and the other rebels. He uses a trident to protect himself.

Yuka (ゆか Yuka)
Voice Actor: Kana Hanazawa
Yuka is a calm twenty year old girl who is always seen calm during battles. She is seen as the mother figure of the Rebels and she cares deeply for her allies, crying herself to sleep when one dies. She is very good at cooking and persuading people to stop doing ruthless things. She uses a military gun to fight but mostly uses karate moves she learnt when she was young. She is Number Eight.

Fuji (富士 Fuji)
Voice Actor: Ryōhei Kimura
Fuji is a fun guy, who like Chihiro, always sparks the room up with light. He is Number Five and his favourite number five. He is considered the joker of the group, because he is always being funny and annoying. He has amazing skills with killing people with an axe.

Hideki Yuzuru (英樹 譲る Hideki Yuzuru)
Voice Actor: Yūichi Nakamura
Yuzuru first appears in Episode 5, crawling to Seiji for help since he had blood all over his leg and he couldn't walk. He taken to Yuka, where he fell in love and is never seen from her side helping her with stuff. He becomes Seiji and Fuji's best mates and calls the boys the "Two Ji's", since they both have "ji" on the end of their name. He is Number Four and he uses the bow and arrow to fight.

Saki (サキ Saki)
Voice Actor: Mai Nakahara
Saki first appears in Episode 8, looking frightened and sick. She is Number Three and has an excellent mind for tricking people and making the Rebels be her servants. It is later revealed that Saki is Kusa's twin sister and that even if she is a Rebel, she is considered as a Peace Warrior. She spies on the Rebels until Episode 22, where she goes back to Kusa and announces that there will be a war. She is very good at wielding the sword and trident.

Asano Mana (浅野 まな Asano Mana)
Voice Actor: Aki Toyosaki
Mana is one your average girly girls who hates fighting and blood. Mana tends to stay behind with Yuka and helps with cooking and crying over all the stuff she hates. She is Number Six, and wonders why she had to be born a Rebel. In Episode 10, she finally starts to fight, being taught how to use a gun by Natsumi and wield a sword by Saki. Mana uses a gun and a sword to fight from Episode 10 and onwards.

Other Rebels

Miyato Chihiro (宮戸 ちひろ Miyato Chihiro)
Voice Actor: Rie Kugimiya Chihiro is Natsumi's younger sister, who died in the first episode. She was a cheerful girl who always sparked a room up with light and was excellent at using the bow and arrows. She died at the age of thirteen. She was Number 10.

Jun (ジュン Jun)
Voice Actor: Hikaru Midorikawa
Jun was Mina's only friend and he cared deeply about her. He is 19 years old. When Mina died, he almost committed suicide, but was stopped from a crying Natsumi, who told him that she knew how he felt. After that, Jon swore to Mina that he would out live the dangers of dying, but in Episode 21, he was murdered by Kura. He was Number 1.

Yōka Mina (八鹿 ミナ Yōka Mina)
Voice Actor: Ai Nonaka
Mina is a silly girl who doesn't listen to anyone except Jun. She is twelve years old, and knew Chihiro really well when she was younger. Her last episode was Episode 13, when she didn't listen to Natsumi's commands and ran straight out to battle and killed a few soldiers before being shot through the heart by a gun. Her dying words were "Now I can live a better life...". She used kitchen knives to fight. She was Number 7.

Peace Army

Voice Actor: Rie Kugimiya
Kusa is the twin sister of Saki.


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