Rainbow Witch Wonderland! (レインボーウィッチワンダーランド!Reinbōu~itchiwandārando!) is the fourth magical girl installment by Japanesenerd247. The story consists of eight girls, who are in the age range of 12-15, who were chosen to become good witches to save the world from darkness and doom.

Plot Edit

Middle school student Miyuki Aizora is a 13 year-old who is obsessed with good witches, and she always wished that she could become one. On one fateful day, her wish came true. As she made her wish one day (it was her birthday that night), a mysterious fox-like creature named Ari fell from the sky and crashed onto Miyuki's face. Miyuki is scared at first, but started to calm down when Ari told her she came from a witch wonderland called Witchtopia, a paradise for all good witches. Ari then tells Miyuki about the Bad Wizards, who want to take over the wonderland and use the power to turn everyone into bad guys, including the ones on Earth! Lastly, Ari tells Miyuki that she is one of the chosen good witches to defend the wonderland and Earth from the Bad Wizards. She then gives her the Love Charm Brooch, and her adventure is about to begin... a battle!!!!

Main Characters Edit

Miyuki Aizora (アイゾラみゆき Aizora Miyuki)/ Romance Witch Miyuki (ロマンスウィッチみゆき Romansuu~itchi Miyuki)

Miyuki is the main protagonist of the series. At 13 years old, she is quite normal: candy lover, boy band fan and what not. The things that are not normal is that she is a honor roll student and she loves to read about good witches. Her alter ego is Romance Witch Miyuki, the red witch of romance and love. Her weapon is the Love Star Rod (ラブスターロッド Rabusutāroddo), and her transformation item is the Love Charm Brooch (which then becomes her weapon). She has three spells: Rubellite Magic (her basic attack), Valentine Wall (defense attack), and Cupid Arrow Fleet (her main attack). Miyuki's transformation catchphrase is "Love love love! The witch of romance! Romance Witch Miyuki (愛愛愛! ロマンスの魔女! ロマンスウィッチみゆき!Ai ai ai! Romansu no majo! Romansuu~itchi Miyuki!)!" Her magic attack words are "Pinkurabu ichi yo na na (ピンクラブイチョナナ!Pinkurabuichonana!), and her colors are pink, red, and black. Her English dub name is Allie Williams, and her upgraded weapon is Love Heart Rod. The transformation catchphrase for all is "Rainbow Witch! Unlock my power!"

Jina Orenjishima (ジナ・オレンジーシマ Jina orenjīshima)/ Juicy Witch Jina (ジューシー・ウィッチ・ジーナ Jūshī u~itchi jīna)

Jina is Miyuki's long time friend and a happy-go-lucky 14 year-old. She just loves to fave fun and is obsessed with oranges. Jina's alter ego is Juicy Witch Jina, the orange witch of energy and orange fruit. Her weapon is the Juicy Star Rod (ジューシースターロッド Jūshīsutāroddo), and her tranformation item (the Juicy Charm Amulet) then becomes her weapon after she transforms. She has three spells: Peach Burst (basic attack), Papaya Shield (defense attack), and Mandarin Orange Splash (her main attack). Her transformation catchphrase is "Juicy juicy juicy! The witch of energy! Juicy Witch Jina (ジューシーなジューシーなジューシー! エネルギーの魔女! ジューシーな魔女ジナ!Jūshīna jūshīna jūshī! Enerugī no majo! Jūshīna majo Jina!)." Her magic attack words are"Furu eneri chouna (フルエナリーチュナ!Furuenarīchuna!) and her colors are orange, yellow-orange, and black. Her English dub name is Diana Bailey, and her upgraded weapon is the Juicy Heart Rod.

Kiona Goruyoshi (キオナ・ゴルヨシ Kiona goruyoshi)/ Vivid Witch Kiona (ヴィヴィッド・ウィッチ・キオナ Vu~ivu~iddo u~itchi kiona)

Kiona is a 4-time good witch and a 7th grader at Miyuki's school. She is smarter than Jina, but slightly less smarter than Miyuki. Kiona is a big fan of British snacks, for she eats them all the time. Kiona's alter ego is Vivid Witch Kiona, the yellow witch of color and brightness. Her weapon is the Vivid Star Rod (,リーフスターロッドBibiddosutāroddo), and her transformation item is the Vivid Charm Ring. She also has three spells: Neon Flash (basic attack), Bright Barrier (defense attack), and Vivid Yellow Sunshine (main attack). Her transformation phrase is "Bright bright bright! The witch of color! Vivid Witch Kiona (明るく明るい明るい! 色の魔女! 鮮やかな魔女キオナ!Akaruku akarui akarui! Iro no majo! Azayakana majo kiona!)!" Her magic attack words are "Pepparu pepparu pepara (ペパルペパールペパラ!Peparupepārupepara!), and her colors are golden yellow, yellow, and black. Her English dub name is Maya Roosevelt, and her upgraded weapon is the Vivid Heart Rod.

Kyo Wajima (和島京 Wajima Kyō)/ Leaf Witch Kyo (リーフ・ウィッチ・京 Rīfu u~itchi Kyō)

Kyo is a 15 year-old who is actually smarter than Miyuki because she is on the principal's list. She is also really shy. Really shy, in fact, that sometimes her shyness gets in the way of her really wanting to do something. Kyo's alter ego is Leaf Witch Kyo, the green witch of nature and Earth. Her weapon is the Leaf Star Rod (リーフスターロッド Rīfusutāroddo), and her transformation item is the Leaf Charm Earrings. Just like the others, she also has three spells: Earth Slash (basic attack), Tree Barrier (defense attack), and Green Nature Whirlwind (main attack). Her transformation phrase is "Fresh fresh fresh! The witch of nature! Leaf Witch Kyo (新鮮な新鮮な新鮮な! 自然の魔女! リーフウィッチ京!Shinsen'na shinsen'na shinsen'na! Shizen no majo! Rīfuu~itchi Kyō!)!" Her magic attack words are "Pripara! Pri yo na (プリパラ! プリヨナ!Puripara! Puriyona!)", and her colors are neon green, green, and black. Her English dub name is Lily Greenwood, and her upgraded weapon is the Leaf Heart Rod.

Aoi Kaiyoma (葵カイヨマAoi kaiyoma)/Ocean Witch Aoi (オーシャン・ウィッチ・アオイŌshan u~itchi aoi)

Aoi is Kiona's classmate and best friend at Miyuki's school. She is the calm and collective one of the group, as well as the peacemaker of the group. Aoi's alter ego is Ocean Witch Aoi, the blue witch of water and creativity. Her weapon is the Ocean Star Rod (オーシャンスターロッドŌshansutāroddo), and her transformation item is the Ocean Charm Hairpin. She has three spells as well: Tsunami Hurricane (basic attack), Rainstorm Wall (defense attack), and Blue Rain Spell (main attack). Her transformation phrase is "Splash splash splash! The witch of water! Ocean Witch Aoi! Her magic attack words are "uppe uppe uppe unrenowa!" and her colors are blue sky,celest blue and black. Her english dub name is Jennifer mcwaterpants,and her upgraded weapon is acqua heart gun.