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Queen's Courtis the first series from Autumns Umbrella.




  • Shiorisora Hime
    • ​Hime is the current queen the Ivory Kingdom. She's a caring, intelligent and stubborn but can be childish at times. She loved playing chess as a child but haad a bit of a falling out before being found by Kishi. She weilds the Snow Staff, sort of proof that she is worth being queen.
  • Shinsetsu Kishi
    • Kishi is one of the elite knights of the Ivory Kingdom as well as the kings brother. He is incharge of keeping Hime safe. He has a sort of resent for his brother but never lets it bother him. Athough a kind man, he is easily angered. He weilds the silver sword, along with the other knight.


  • Shinsetsu Kokou
    • Kokou is the current king of the Ivory Kingdom and Kishi's brother. He's a cheerful, polite though a bit blunt and catches the eye of many. He has a crush on Hime but never said it to her in person.
  • Warriors of the Ivory Kingdom
  • 'Silver/'Kurokumo Kyo
    • The previous king of Onxy Kingdom. He was a caring man, but now inhabits Silver a doll in the Ivory Kingdom. He was good friends Kakou. As Silver, he's doll that acopanies Hime and Kishi.



  • Kurokumo Kyo
    • The previous king of Onxy Kingdom. He was a caring man, but now inhabits Silver a doll in the Ivory Kingdom. He was good friends Kakou.


  • Ivory Kingdom
  • Onxy Kingdom




  • Episode One: Here comes the Queen!
  • Episode Two: The Snow Staff
  • Episode Three: Rooks of the Onyx Kingdom
  • Episode Four: Hot Chocolate with a Knight
  • Episode Five: TBA
  • Episode Six: TBA
  • Episode Seven: TBA
  • Episode Eight: TBA
  • Episode Nine: TBA
  • Episode Ten: TBA
  • Episode Eleven: TBA
  • Episode Twelve: The Ivory Kingdom's Ball!
  • Episode Thirteen: TBA
  • Episode Fourteen: TBA
  • Episode Fifteen: TBA
  • Episode Sixteen: TBA
  • Episode Seventeen: TBA
  • Episode Eighteen: The Queen at the beach.
  • Episode Nineteen: TBA
  • Episode Twenty: TBA
  • Episode Twenty-One: Hime in Wonderland!
  • Episode Twenty-Two: TBA
  • Episode Twenty-Three: TBA
  • Episode Twenty-Four: TBA
  • Episode Twenty-Five: TBA
  • Episode Twenty-Six: TBA
  • Episode Twenty-Seven: TBA
  • Episode Twenty-Eight: TBA
  • Episode Twenty-Nine: There Goes the Queen
  • Episode Thirty: Long Lives the Queen








  • This entire series is based off a game of chess. (Not kidding)


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