Pure x Pure!
('Pyua x Pyua!')
StudioAsahi Production
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunApril 15, 2015
SuccessorIdol Musketeer!
Opening SongPure Heart Shooting Star
Ending SongRosa Blue Pretty Pure Jewel

Pure x Pure! (Also stylized as Purex2!) Is a new fanserie created by MikuHatsune145 and is an idol anime.


Miyuki and her twin sister Tsubomi are going to the prestigious Tsubasa Academy,a very rich academy who regroups boys and girls from a rich family. They accepted a financement from the academy (a bourse) and they get an offer to come at the academy, the story is around Miyuki,a 15 years old girl who loves music,singing and dancing. She aims to be an idol one day and its why she take practicing lessons after school,Tsubomi watch her practicing and admires her,the first time they went at the academy,they were introduced by Hikaru and Hiro Kanazawa (both twins together) who are very popular with girls. Tsubomi fell in love with Hikaru and Miyuki with Hiro, they went in sports class and after it,she went to the locker and found a rectangle shaped sparkling card with a plain white dress adorned with pastel blue roses on it. She kept the card and attached it on her bag,after school she got the permission to go outside with Tsubomi,after a long walk,they bumped into a strange girl who noticed her card she then asked them to go with her. They went at the café and the girl nammed Yuriko ,said than its a pure premium card,Tsubomi asked what is a pure card and Yuriko then said than only top ranked idols can have pure premium cards, "Idols?" asked Miyuki. Yuriko said than she work hard to become an idol and want to be a top ranked idol and get these,Miyuki then asked why she found it on her locker but Yuriko had no idea of how it was in her locker. They after it,went to the most known agency for idols the "Tsubasa Production",Miyuki went in and a man went to see her and Tsubomi,Yuriko say "Hi!" to the man and Miyuki asked if they know each other and Yuriko said than its her producer. His name is Daisuke Hasegawa,one of the best producer at the Tsubasa Production,he saw Miyuki's card and asked if her and Tsubomi want to become idols,Miyuki was surprised but she said than it was always her dream to become an idol,Tsubomi said than she,aspires to be a model but she said than she will follow her sister because she don't want to leave her sister. The other day,they go at the Tsubasa Production after taking Daisuke's card, they went in and founded Yuriko and Daisuke,Miyuki and Tsubomi said than they are ready to become idols,for a few days they worked hard and with determination to be ready for their first live,but the most important is what brand they want to chose. They worked hard together and the important day was coming,then it comes and Miyuki was kind of nervous but Tsubomi and Yuriko said than she don't have to worry,they went on stage and Miyuki felt like she felt the music going trough all her body,their auras were shining like nobody and Miyuki's card started sparkling and in a fraction of seconds she was wearing the dress on her premium card but it has changed,Miyuki did a "Winged Appeal",everything around her was sparkling and the audience was surprised. After the concer who was a big success Yuriko then said than right now they are going to di everything to do the same thing. Miyuki and Tsubomi started their new lifes as idols.



  • Color: Sky Blue
  • Type: Feminine
  • Card Type: Premium
  • Aura: Purple,orange,blue,red and pink flowers,feathers,sky blue butterflies,blue sparkles,pink roses ornaments,white doves,sky blue sparkling vines,blue macarons and blue fairies.

Miyuki always dreamed to be an idol,she always practiced singing and dancing and always loved that,when her and Tsubomi went to the rich Tsubasa Academy they met Hikaru and Hiro,Hiro introduced him to Miyuki and . She fell a bit in love with him,he was kind with her and really like Miyuki. After the sport class she go take her uniform and found a sparkling gold card with a white dress adorned with pastel blue roses,Miyuki attached it on her bag,she then asked Tsubomi if she know what is this card but she say than she don't know. After school,she got the permission to go outside they went to the town and bumped into Yuriko,she lead them to the Tsubasa Production and after a few days of training Miyuki and Tsubomi becamed idols,Yuriko said than if her card type is a premium card that means than she is the "Legendary Idol" the idol who is supposed to be the one who can do the "Legendary Winged Appeal". Daisuke,Miyuki,Tsubomi and Yuriko's producer said than they all three really get along and than should all three form a unit,they then think of a unit name and unit coords,Miyuki then come of the name "Pure Angels" they trained hard together and they chose Miyuki as their leader. Then the new unit Pure Angels debuted,Daisuke was proud of them and liked the way their aura was shining together,Miyuki is a Legendary Idol,she is the Legendary Idol and will do her best to realize her dream. Miyuki is a very passioned person and is determined,the first time she went on stage she was kind of nervous and did a winged appeal and the audience was surprised than she did a winged appeal,Miyuki loves Tsubomi and take really care of her. Miyuki love baking sweets and one day offered,some cookies to Hiro to express her love for him he blushed and thanked her for her gift,he stay in front of her and kissed her,since that day Hiro and Miyuki are all together.

  • Color: Bright Pink
  • Type: Sexy
  • Card Type: Rare
  • Aura: Bright pink and purple butterflies,purple,pink and red roses, purple,pink and blue gems,purple and pink spiraling stardrops and pink,purple and diamonds spheres.

Tsubomi is the little sister of Miyuki and admires her,she admires her passion and her determination,she always loved seeing her practicing and it inspired her to become an idol,she always loved fashion and aspires to be a famous model. She always liked fashion and like practicing and her posing,her modeling and her walking,when she first becamed an idol,she asked the producer if she can be also a model,he tried to found arrangements and found photoshoots for her to start her model career. Tsubomi really likes Hikaru and is secretly in love with him,she really like him,when Hiro and Hikaru invited them at their house,Miyuki and Tsubomi really wanted to make an impression to them,Tsubomi is normally a very sure of herself person but with Hikaru she act timid and blush everytime when he said something to her. Tsubomi since she becamed an idol,really focus on her idol and model works,she love her modeling and always wanted to be on magazines and now that she realized her dream,she will do everything to not lose it.

  • Color: Bright Orange (sometimes tend to Teal)
  • Type: Pop
  • Card Type: Rare
  • Aura: Sunflowers with yellow and teal petals,teal and orange hibiscuses,orange beach balls with teal hibiscus patterns and teal beach balls with orange hibiscus patterns who bounces,palm trees growing everywhere and blue anchors.

Yuriko is passioned by idols since she is small,her mother is a very famous actress and her father is Daisuke her producer,when Miyuki and Tsubomi learned than Daisuke is her father they were really surprised. Yuriko always admired her parents' work and it inspired her to become an idol,she then entered at the Tsubasa Production and asked her father if he can become her producer and help her to become an idol. Yuriko likes summer and born at Okinawa,she lives in a house at the seaside when she was small she always played with her parents at the beach and she love eating exotic cuisine,she loved all the time she spent playing with her parents at the beach and its this who inspired her to create her own personal song Summer Memories. When she was chosen to be in the unit "Pure Angels" with Miyuki and Tsubomi she was very happy to finally be in a unit,she is the choregrapher of the unit because she is very skilled at dancing,she trains everyday and is admired by a lot of idols. Her mother Natsumi is very proud of her and hopes for her than she will one day atteins the top and be a top idol,Yuriko always had fun as an idol,she want to one day work with her mother. She also aspires to be a great dancer and since she is small always trained hard and since she is in Pure Angels she work even more hard and has very fun with them and they all three want to become the perfect unit.

  • Color: Purple
  • Type: Cute
  • Card Type: Rare
  • Aura: Golden crowns,golden keys,gold clocks,purple britanic flag patterned cups of tea,cupcakes,purple and pink plaid patterned hearts and purple,red,white and blue flowers.

Scarlett is a transfered student from England,her mother: Margaret Wentworth is a very famous actress who plays a role in a well known drama: Inspector Margaret and her father runs a raffined café called Le Petit Anglais who is known worldwide. She always dreamed to be an idol and when she came to Japan and first heard about the Tsubasa Production she asked her parents if she can become an idol,her mother accepted but her father was sceptical but her mother convinced him to let her become an idol. She then go to the Tsubasa Production and met Miyuki,Tsubomi and Yuriko she asked them if becoming an idol is hard,they says than becoming an idol need hard work and determination,Miyuki says than singing and dancing are the principal activties of an idol and it needs hardwork. Tsubomi said than an idol has a lot of work to do,Yuriko explained than you need experience,Scarlett took notes of their advices and worked really hard for a few days to be able of being a good idol,she then returned to the Tsubasa Production. She becamed an idol and met two others idols who insterested her, Ishiko and Midori who work together and they want to form a unit but they need a third member,Scarlett caught their eyes and Midori said than she could be a good leader. Ishiko and Midori asked if she want to join their unit,Scarlett stated than she can become an idol with more experience if she can join a unit,they spent their times working together and Ishiko and Midori had no idea of a unit name. Scarlett asks what their unit is based,Midori says than they based them on stars,Scarlett then came off with the name STE☆LLA (who mean star in italian),they all agreed on that name and later the unit STE☆LLA debuted with herself as the leader and Ishiko and Midori as the two others members.

  • Color: Jade
  • Type: Ethnic
  • Card Type: Rare
  • Aura: Blue,jade and green stones,pale pink and blue origami flowers,cranes and butterflies,jade,blue and yellow flower ornaments,bubbles,water at her  feet who form arcs and blue cherry blossoms,blue lotus and jade lillies.

Ishiko is an very elegant and graceful girl who comes from Kyoto,she is calm and is a bit shy,her parents were opposite of her becoming an idol but she refused to let her dream go away,her mother was opposed of her decision too but saw the determination she has. Her mother seeing how serious she was about becoming an idol accepted,she then went at the Tsubasa Production where  she met Midori,they becamed good friends and worked together and finally becamed a unit but was in search of a third member and when Scarlett appeared it was the perfect occasion to recruit her. Ishiko always lived with her parents in a traditional japanese house,she always wear traditional kimonos and all her friends founds her really beautiful and is called a yamato nadeshiko by all her friends. Ishiko is very skilled at singing,she aims to be a great singer and trains everyday with Midori,they really get along together,they are bestfriends and since they planned on becoming a unit they always do everything together. She really appreciate tea and love flowers,her parents runs a tea shop were all the products are handmade,she has a little brother Isao who she love taking care of and he also really loves her sister. Her father is also an explorer and go all around the world to find stones,since that Ishiko always loved stones,her and her brother also enjoy doing origamis and Ishiko is very shy but will do all her best to reach her dreams.

  • Color: Fluo Green
  • Type: Celebrity
  • Card Type: Super Rare
  • Aura: Neon green,hot pink,electric blue and yellow stars,green stardrops,blue, pink,green and yellow equalizers in shape of cubes,rainbow lazers,little green and blue spheres and circle shaped music spectrums.

Midori always lived with celebrities: going all around the world with her parents who are famous dancers and won dancing contests and are also famous actress and actors,seeing her parents doing dance competitions passioned her and it inspired her to become a professional dancer. She learned alot of things from her parents such as dancing and acting,when she was 8 she went to the Tsubasa Production and becamed an idol and becamed very famous,her fans calls her the Dancing Idol,because she's a very skilled dancer and idol. She's very famous but since her parents all always travelling the world she's very lonely but when she first met Ishiko they really get along together and it becamed Midori's first ever bestfriend,they work together and becamed a unit. Midori was always a rank superior of the other idols because she's a super rare type and an experienced idol,but when Miyuki first camed and knew than she is the Legendary Idol who is the only one to be a Premium idol she was jealous,because everyone believed than because she's an experienced and a strong idol she is the Legendary one. They had a bit of rivalry but Midori knew than Miyuki only wanted to become friends with her,so she decided to forget her rivalry and becamed friends with her,when Daisuke decided to combine all the two units Pure Angels and STE☆LLA to make it one unit who regroups the idols of Tsubasa Production,Midori were totally opposite of the idea. Daisuke said than it could be a great occasion for them to rank up as better idols,Midori then proposed to let her become the leader,but he refused and stated than Miyuki would be better as the leader since she seems to be more experienced but Midori said than she is an idol since a long time before Miyuki. But Daisuke said than same if she's an idol since a long time Miyuki has a bit of more experience because since she's 5 she trained all days because she always wanted to be an idol and she's also the oldest of them so he stated than its better for them,they trained hard,searched a lot of unit names and worked on the song. Midori were chosen to be the choregrapher and they all worked on a dynamic and cheerful dance,two weeks later the new unit GIRLS' ERA and their first live was a success more than Daisuke expected,since it,Midori is happy to not be alone again.


  • Color: Red
  • Type: Fantasy
  • Card Type: Normal
  • Aura: Red hearts with black bat wings,red,black and silver heart locks,silver and red keys,red petals of roses and black feathers.

Angelina is the elder sister of her twin sister Angelica,they work together at the Sakura Production who are in a rivalry with the Tsubasa Production,they form a unit: Devilish Cuties (with Angelina being the Devilish and Angelica being the Cutie). When they first heard of Twings (Miyuki and Tsubomi's unit) she were jealous than other twins were getting the attention,they provocated them in a duel,they worked hard but Twings worked even more harder. They day of the duel,Devilish Cuties did an awesome performance with a Special Wing Appeal (their appeal is called Gemini Power) but Twings did two appeals and their aura was even more sparkling than them,since it,Twings gained popularity and Angelina was even more jealous. Angelina claims to be a little cute devil,she always believed to be the Queen of the Underworld while Angelica believes to be a cute angel who heals everyone with her powers,this is why she chose the brand Little Cute Devil while her sister chose Angelic Nurse. Angelica was always shy and not very sure of herself,so Angelina always had to take everything in her hands,they always do everything together and they care a lot of each other and are not only sisters but are also bestfriends.

  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Type: Fantasy
  • Card Type: Normal
  • Aura: Dark blue hearts with white angel wings,dark blue petals of roses,gold and dark blue heart locks,gold and dark blue keys and white feathers.

Angelica was always shy and not very sure of herself,but her sister convinced her to become an idol with her and they can do everything together like they always did,she decided to forget her shyness and decided to become stronger with the help of her sister. Angelica always loved sweets and love baking them and sharing them with her sister,who also love baking sweets,they both love ice creams,cupcakes or cookies,but contrary to her sister she likes wearing Sweet Lolita while Angelina love Gothic Lolita. They always shared everything together except their tastes for fashion,she love white and pastel colors while her sister loves black and dark colors,when they first formed a unit they tried to find a way to combine their fashion tastes. Angelica is a very smart and good person,but her sister was always a stubborn girl but they love doing everything together,they are very different in a way but they very complete each other. Angelica sometimes says than her and her and her sister are a bit like the reflect of a mirror but than they are not very that different.

  • Color: Coral
  • Type: Royal
  • Card Type: Super Rare
  • Aura: Pink chocolate heart cookies,cups of parfaits,balls of chocolate,chocolate strawberries,pink and pastel blue and green cupcakes,cake-pops and pink candy canes.

Ririka is the youngest and is called the "Candy Princess" by her fans,who likes giving sweets with fan letters,Ririka is a little girl who love princess and aims to be one,she is a fan of fairytales and like creating her own stories. She is the only one who work with an other production,than the Tsubasa and the Sakura Production,she work with the Royal Production and is very popular,she is very determined and passioned,she still young but she want to be a great idol. She loves sweets and princess,and her brand combine the two and is why she chose this brand,her parents run a popular bakery called "Princesse Sucrée" (who means Sugar Princess in french) and since she is small she love helping her mother and father doing sweets and it grew on her. She is called "Sweetie" by her parents,and love frills,Lolita,dolls and mostly plushies she collect them since she is small and especially love bunnies,she is a fan of sweets and cute things.

  • Color: Cherry-Blossom Pink
  • Type: Floral
  • Card Type: Premium
  • Aura: Cherry-blossoms,pink and red japanese umbrellas,pink and green omamori charms,pink japanese lanterns,splashes of water who form flowers and cherries.

Miku was the first idol to be a premium card typed idol,everyone believes than she's a Legendary Idol because she have strong powers and she shines like nobody elses,everyone believed than there was only one Legendary Idol but Miku was an idol long before the girls. Miku is a very popular idol,she's very kind and careful person,she's very elegant and graceful,she comes from Kyoto like Ishiko who is a fan of her and admires her,Miku is very sweet and gentle,she likes japanese tea sweets and knows a lot about tea. She also do sports and especially archery and participated in a lot of competitions and always won,she has a lot of fans and she do archery since she is small,Miku is very graceful when she do sports and is admired by a lot of boys in her school. Miku work at the Sakura Production and her father Tsuki Sakura take cares a lot of her and want his daughter to be a great idol.


  • Voiced By: Kenichi Suzumura

Daisuke is Pure Angels and STE☆LLA's producer and Yuriko's father,they were surprised to know than their producer was actually Yuriko's father,they kept it secret but when they were all reunited she finally reveals it to the girls. He is a very well known producer and produced a lot of famous idols,he also started producing his daughter and later units,Yuriko always admired his work,during a time he produced Yuriko's mother: Natsumi who is a very famous actress. Daisuke take cares of his daughter and really want her to reach her dream,he helps her and her friends to grow up in the idol world to reach better ranks and becomes better idols. He is very confident but he is also very shy,he has troubles to say what he thinks but Yuriko find that cute,he is a person who keeps his feelings and has difficulty to say them.

  • Voiced By: Mamoru Miyano

Akihiko is Ririka's producer,he is also the youngest (the others are over 20 and he his 19),he started very young to produce idols and he consider Ririka her little sister,they really get along together and are good friends but in reality Ririka has a little crush on him. She call him "prince" because of his personality and his appearance,she believes than its a prince who came only to be with her but she is happy to be his "little sister". Akihiko is a very kind,calm and patient he is also very shy and blush everytime Ririka calls him "Onii-chan",her parents really have confidence on him and likes having him to take care of her and is why he consider her as his little sister. He enjoy working with her and do his best to producer her to become a great idol,he likes Ririka and she really appreciate him,they sometimes take tea together after work and they like playing together. Akihiko is love kids and takereally well care of her,he sometimes act with timidity but Ririka find it cute,she really likes him and he feel the same.

  • Voiced By: Ryotaro Okiayu

Tsuki is Miku's father and producer,he always taked care of her,he is considered the best producer and is even more famous than Daisuke,Miku was the very first idol to be a premium and is why a lot of idols are feared to compete with her. Tsuki is a very kind person and he loves his daughter like nobody (except Yann),Yann is Miku's boyfriend and he was suspicious towards him but Miku assured than he's a really kind person and she really loves him. He's a good producer and a good father as stated by her,Yann appreciate him and after noticing than Miku really loves him he wanted to become more gentle with him. He is very protective with Miku and want Yann to really take care of her and Yann is also very protective under Miku and really loves her.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Hiro is Miyuki's lover,they are in love together but Hiro is too shy to reveal it to Miyuki,he supports her in her idol career and he really likes her. He's the older and twin brother of Hikaru and really take care of him,since they are small they share everything together and Hiro also have difficulty to express his feelings. Hikaru like teasing him saying everytime to him than he loves Miyuki,he blushes everytime but in reality he really want to be with Miyuki,he also like repeating to Hikaru than he's in love with Tsubomi. Hiro is very shy but all the girls find it cute,he is very popular with his school's girls and they are all jealous of Miyuki,Hikaru always teased him because all the girls are "crazy" of him. He wasn't aware than all the girls were in love with him,but he loves Miyuki and really want to be with her.

Hikaru is Hiro's little twin brother,he always loved Hiro and he likes when he take care of him and Hikaru like teasing him,he is in love with Tsubomi and really want to be with her too. Hikaru is also very popular with girls and like using his charm to seduce them and Tsubomi is jealous of the other girls,he is very "cool" as described by the girls of his school. He can sometimes be cold and rebellious but in fact he's someone kind and a bit shy,when he is with Tsubomi he blushes when she compliment him,he is quite secret but with Tsubomi he confesses everything to her. Tsubomi really appreciate him and want to be with him but she is jealous of the other girls,but Hikaru promised to her than she is the only girl than he loves,Tsubomi really loves Hikaru and want them to be with her. Hikaru is very confident and he and Hiro are "bestfriends" because they take care of each other.


The school attented by the girls,they all live in the dorms of the school,only rich/fluent childs can attend the school.

Pure♡Angels and STE☆LLA's place of work,they all in the same production with Daisuke. Its very famous because a lot of famous idols works in.

Where Ririka work with Akihiko,she go in every day after school,Ririka is the only idol to attend this production but when she first becamed an idol it becamed very popular.

The Hinochi twins and Miku's place of work,this production is very popular and is attended by a lot of very well known idols who are famous everywhere. Miku works in with Tsuki,while Angelina and Angelica works alone.


The idol's main items,they use it everytime on stage,their designs vary by brands and idols. It can upgrade with the idol's upgrading and can have little extra accessories.

The Pure Cards are important for an idol,they contain clothes from different brands and can also upgrade (the clothes),there is 4 types of Pure Cards: Premium,Super Rare,Rare and Normal the most rare is Premium.

A square bag with straps with designs of the idol's Pure Cards' brand,they stock and collect their cards in this bag and carries it everywhere because they are also important for work.


  • Ririka and the Hinochi twins are the only one to attends different schools than the other main girls.
  • Angelina and Angelica are the only one to not have a producer.
  • It has some similarities with IDOLM@STER.
  • Ririka,Miyuki and Tsubomi are the only one to appear in other series where they are the main heroine.

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