List of Prism Acts

  • Shinning Heart - the performers gain angel wings and they fly around the world and they leave a trail of feathers behind them which shows memories of theirs mother being a prism star and it show how much she want to be one like her.
  • Princess Love - the performers is walking in a dry garden wearing a cloak when a Pegasus come to her and she went on it. It fly her towards a castle wear her partners are and when she was at the castle her clothes transformed to a princess dress. And a rainbow appears over a castle which made the dry garden into a wonderful garden. The garden shows her memories of her having a good time with her sisters and how much she loves them.
  • Dance Dance Empress - while she is dancing coming out of her was prism stones that shows her practicing many dance types. She was dancing and soon she's on a land, dancing with her sisters and soon they get on a sea of prism stones to ride away to the sunset. This shows how much she actually loves to dance.
  • Magician Magic - the performers are magicians and they do tricks together. They wave theirs hands and their audiences becomes magicians. Their doves form a large dove under them and they took off with them to anywhere in the world. This show how much they love the magic of the Prism shows and everything related to it.

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