PriPara DokiDoki!
Original RunOctober 28, 2014
Opening SongCheerful Happy! SPARKLE SPARKLE
Ending SongHappy Sunshine HAPPY!!

Pripara DokiDoki! ( プリパラドキドキ Puripara dokidoki !) is a fanseries made by MikuHatsune145 and was released the 28.10.2014.


Eri is a kind and gentle girl who really loves idols and want to become an idol one day,she really love Pripara and want to enter at but is too shy and want to be an idol. She like to make friends and like singing,she practice every day and wish one day than she will become one,Eri really love cheerleading,when she was at the college and primary school she was the leader of the cheerleaders and this is what who inspired her to become an idol. She's a fan of Pripara and one day,she finded a priticket when she lefted her house, a lovely typed Priticket with her image,she thinked than maybe someone losted it but also think why she's on the priticket. She went at Prism Stone and Meganii Akai, leaded her to the Prism Gate when she changed into an idol,she do her first audition and meeted her mascot Leadia who trained her,and Eri meeted a lot of friends and later she will became a Divine Idol and realize her dream.



  • Theme Color: Sparkling Pink
  • Type: Lovely
  • Significant Coords: Cute Cheer Coord,Sparkling Cheer Cyalume Coord
  • Mascot: Kira

Eri is a girl who is kind and gentle,she likes to bring happiness and her favorite phrase is: Laugh and smile and everyone will be happy with you! ( 笑いと笑顔と誰もがあなたとせになります!Warai to egao to daremoga anata to shiawase ni narimasu!). She really chearleading and is a cheerleader since Elementary School,this is what who inspired her to become an idol,she likes cheerleading based outfits,she really like singing and dancing. Eri is very sportive,she like cheerleading and rhythmic gymnastics,when she entered at Pripara many new items such as the Pripara Cheer Baton, Pripara Cheer Pom-Poms, Pripara Cheer Ribbon based on her love for cheerleading. Eri later meeted a lots of friends and formed an unit. As Kira her mascot stated,she possesses the legendary Sparkling Aura,her aura who is composed of coral pink and pink, blue marine flowers and little sparkles who spin around her and turn multi-colored during Cyalume Change.

  • Theme Color: Orange
  • Type: Pop

Ruka is bubbly,cheerful and happy-go-lucky girl,who really love exotic things,she is really sweet and kind of talktative,her passion is making cute things like: bracelets,earrings especially accessories because she work with her mother in a cute accessory boutique. At Pripara,she's a designer of accessories and create many accessories for brands such as Candy Alamode,Twinkle Ribbon,Dreaming Girl,Baby Monster and her own brand Beach☆Paradise. She later be good friend with Eri and Anna,who formed an unit called ERA]. She is very good at creating accessories,she wanted them to be unique and decided to create a special accessories to boost the coord and the aura of the idol: she called them the PriBrace,special bracelets who depend of the idol's type (Lovely,Pop,Cool,Sexy,Star,Natural or Celebrity). It is used by a lot of idols at PriPara and can enhance the chance of making a perfect Making Drama.

  • Theme Color: Dark Purple
  • Type: Cool
  • Image Song: [[Broken Doll]
  • Signifiant Coord: [[Break Heart


  • Mascot: Funky

Anna is really shy by nature,she's very shy,quiet and doesn't talk to a lot of people,but when she's at PriPara,she completly change. She become more sure of herself and is frank and act like a rebel,she's sort of a girl with a double personality. When she met Eri and Ruka,she acted a bit cold towards them and they said than they are sorry if they vexed her or bother her,but she apologized and said than she is sorry to act cold towards them. She becamed more gentler,she becamed friends with them and they formed a unit,she were chosen as the song writer,Ruka as the choregrapher and Eri asked the designer of their brands to draw their unit dresses. She loves rock and is a true punk lolita,she loves wearing leather clothes with purple,chains,studs and belts,her favorite brand is Punk Doll a brand all based on her favorite style,she was also interested to chose Baby Monster but preferred Punk Doll.

  • Theme Color: Light Blue
  • Type: Star
  • Brand: Dreaming Girl
  • Significant Coords: Fairy Flower Coord,Dreaming Girl Cyalume Coord

Mona is a very clumsy idol,she's very popular and is at PriPara since a little girl,but inside PriPara she's a klutz and a crybaby,she is super clumsy and always falls and makes mistakes. She noticed than she were so clumsy than she tought than why she becamed an idol,she started crying and decided to quit an as an idol because an idol can't be as a klutz as she were. Her friends (Sunao and Remi) and Eri,Ruka and Anna decided to convince her to re-become an idol,then Eri has the idea to ask help of Mona's fans and friends,she then received a lot of mails from her friends and fans saying than they don't want her to cry and also they want her to still an idol. Some fans said than her clumsy side were cute and like her,her friends all said than she's a very cute idol and than they don't her to suit idoling. Eri asked her if she see all the persons who likes and admires her,Mona were so full of emotions than she cried and all her friends camed to hug her and console her,so with all the encouraging messages of her fans and friends she decided to still be an idol. Her braveness,makes her PriBrace level up and gave her a new cyalume coord and the Cyalume Fairy Change,Ruka didn't knew than her PriBrace could make that. Mona started becoming more prudent and less clumsy and started smiling more than usual.

  • Theme Color: Red
  • Type: Pop

Sunao loves magic and clowns,she always loved going in festivals and going into clown's marquees,she also loves singing and its her favorite passion before magic,all her friends like her singing. Her parents adviced her on focusing on her singing,she decided to become an idol at PriPara,she started training her voice and do some "treatment" for her throat so she can sing better. Mona and Remi,her friends,knows how much she loves singing and they all loves idols at the same level,they form the unit Joyful♪Note,she was chosen as the song composer because of her music skills. They are close friends and when they met Eri,Ruka and Anna they all decided to form one unit all together: Sk6ies (pronounced 6 skies) and becamed very popular,Sunao was really happy to make new friends and they all becamed all close to reach their goal: obtain the legendary "Dream Coord".





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