Princess Tiara
プリンセスティアラ Purinsesu Tiara
Age17 (True form)
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBrown with pink ombre (True Form)

White with pink ombre (Fox Form)

Home PlacePegasus Kingdom
RelativesQueen Aurora (Mother)

Knight (Older Twin Brother)

First AppearanceHPPC01
Japanese Voice ActorSawashiro Miyuki
English Voice ActorTara Strong (Funimation)

Janice Kawaye (Saban Dub)

Princess Tiara (プリンセスティアラ Purinsesu Tiara?) is one of the mascots from the series Happy! Prince PreCure. She is the Princess of the Pegasus Kingdom as well as Queen Aurora's daughter and Knight's younger twin sister.


Tiara is a five-tailed like fox fairy with shining blue eyes, and a white fur coat with a hot pink ombre. She sports a golden tiara on her head with a heart-shaped Rose Quartz in the center.

Her true form is a beautiful human girl with long flowing brown hair with a pink ombre, tied in a ponytail secured by braids. Her eyes are the same color and sports the same tiara on her head. She wears a white flowing dress with golden linings, white arm warmers, white high heel shoes, and a golden choker with a heart-shaped Rose Quartz in the center.


Tiara is a caring and gentle princess, who believes in everyone's happiness and dreams. However, that doesn't mean that she's weak physically and mentally. She has a weakness in fashion and would love to try new outfits, since her exposure to the clothes on Earth.


Princess Tiara was sent to go find the Pretty Cure who bestowed the power of the Prince Keys, by her mother, Queen Aurora in order the save the Pegasus Kingdom from falling to darkness.


Knight - Her overprotective older twin brother.

Queen Aurora - Her beloved mother and Queen of the Pegasus Kingdom.

Otorishiba Ryoku - Tiara met Ryoku during his first day of school and has became very close with him. It is hinted that Tiara might have feelings for him.



The name Tiara is derived from the word "tiara" which is a form of crown worn by noble and royal ladies.


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