The Prince Link (プリンスリンク Purinsu Rinku?) is a transformation device used in CureKurogane's 2015 magical boy series Happy! Prince PreCure. It strongly resembles a large smartphones, that allows to access the powers of the Prince Jewel Keys.


The Prince Link itself is powered by Prince Jewel Keys from the Pegasus Kingdom. To transform, the boys push the large button as a respective shape of their gemstone, and they shout out "Pretty Cure! Prince Royal Switch!" as they insert and turn their Prince Jewel Keys in their Links, emtting magical energy, which engulf their bodies, changing them into their Cure forms. Also, it's used as a regular cellphone for communication.


The Prince Link resembles a smartphone, but in a bigger size. It is colored pink decorated with golden accents on the sides and has a large crown on the top. It has a large screen and below it is a large button that is the Cures' respective gemstones as well as their colors and shapes.


  • The Prince Link is the fifth transformation cellphone device in the Pretty Cure series since Futari wa Pretty Cure/Max Heart, Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, Fresh Pretty Cure!, and DokiDoki! PreCure.

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