PriPara Fairy Tale!
('Puripara Feari Tairu')
StudioTatsunoko Production
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunFebruary 22,2015
SuccessorPripara DokiDoki!
Opening SongPuriPuri Happy Go! Dream' Dream' Power
Ending SongApple Pie Fairy Party


Ringo Shirayuki is a cute girl passioned by fairytales especially Snow White who is her favorite,she also really love idols and is fan of PriPara and one day by seeing the current popular idol: Karen Tsukino (based on the story of Kaguya Hime) she decided to become an idol. She based her idol-self on Snow-White and chose a brand also based on her favorite story: Apple Rouge,she then go to PriPara and met her mascot: Happy,when she entered at PriPara she met girls who were exactly like her: they are based on their favorite fairy tale. She met Emylie (who becamed her bestfriend),Kokoro,Pearl and Hana,they becamed good friends and decided to form a unit: Idol♡Tale who compete against Karen's unit: Fairy Dream with her two friends,Mizuno and Candy. At the end they all becamed friends and formed the popular unit: Idol St☆ries. After a few times a mysterious idol appeared,her name is Mimori and she is very popular,Ringo decided to know much about her but Mimori is very very shy,but when she knew than Ringo and the others wanted to know more about her she becamed less shy and joined them in the unit Idol St☆ries.



  • Color: Red
  • Type: Lovely
  • Aura: Red apples,snowflakes,little black trees,white vines,fairies and fairy dust to make an enchanted forest and green and red snowdrops and blue birds.

Ringo is a big fan of the story of Snow White,she always loved that story and is her favorite,she also very loves idols and music,she always loved PriPara but was too shy to become an idol,her mother telled her than if she has a dream she want to realize,she can. It inspired her to realize her dreams and she decided to become an idol based on her favorite fairy tale: Snow White,her parents and her little sister and brother all supported her the day she debuted,she was happy to see all her family reunited to support her,so happy than she cried of joy. At PriPara,she met a a lot of girls like her,who are based on their favorite tales,she met Emylie who becamed her bestfriend,they shares a lot of common points and love almost the same things,she also met Kokoro,Pearl and Hana they very fast becamed friends and now forms a unit: Idol♡Tale. Ringo is a very cute and kind girl,she loves apple desserts and baking sweets,her parents runs a bakery based all around the apple called: Pomme d'Amour (love apple) and holds a very great love for sweets.

  • Color: Blue-Gray
  • Type: Cool
  • Aura: White and black feathers,blue gray diamonds and flowers,a silver chandelier with blue-gray diamonds,silver sparkles and blue-gray and white snowflake shaped diamonds.

Emylie,based herself on the story of Swan Lake,she always ballet and practice it since she is a child and loves it she decided to became an idol to show her talents,as stated by her mother she's the best pupil at the academy she runs: the Royal Ballet Academy. She learned a lot of things from her mother who was in the past prima ballerina,Emylie admires her mother and the work she did,her father is a french professor at an very prestigious school were Emylie attends with Ringo and the others. Ringo and Emylie never really talked to each others before seeing them at PriPara they noticed than they have a lot of common points and then becamed bestfriends,Emylie explained than she sometimes felt alone but when she becamed friends with Ringo she started smiling more. When she met the others,she wanted to make more friends with Ringo and met Kokoro,Pearl and Hana,who are all at the same school than her,she noticed than they were all kind and very friendly so they very fast becamed friends. Her mascot,Odette is very strict and really cares about Emylie's idol career but in fact is very cute and kind,Emylie really likes her,her parents also cares about her and want their daughter to be one of the best but they don't want her to push the limits too much. Emylie loves animals and especially birds and of course the swan,she really take care of Odette who is herself a swan,Ringo's mascot: Happy is a blue bird and Emylie really likes him.

  • Color: Dark Pink
  • Type: Sexy
  • Aura: Dark pink and red roses,pink and black butterflies,falling dark pink rose petals and pink little spinning wheels.

Kokoro is a veteran idol who knows a lot about them,she is in the idol world since elementary school,she is very experienced and when Ringo arrived and decided to form a unit,Kokoro stated than because she is more experienced she should be the leader. Ringo disagreed because she think than as the leader she could learn more about idols,she said than she can coach her because she sometimes coaches newbies,Ringo said than she prefer learning everything by herself. The other girls agreed with her and Kokoro was anxious about their choice,Emylie explained than it could be a good experience to her and for her idol career,Pearl and Hana also said than with Ringo as the leader it could be fun. Kokoro said than an idol's work is not having fun,but it is to sing and dance without any mistakes but Ringo said than everyone can work and can have fun at the same time,Kokoro tought about it and noticed than she was mayber to serious with her work,she becamed more gentler and finally accepted Ringo as the leader. Kokoro is a very popular model and want to follow her parents's path who were very popular models before opening their own designing shop,she loves helping her mother creating new clothes and want in the future to be a true model with a true potential.

  • Color: Light Blue
  • Type: Cool
  • Aura: Glass pearls and blue glass flowers,glass castles,a blue carriage with white horses,glass petals of flowers and glass flower ornaments.

Pearl is a transfered student from England,she were in the english counterpart of PriPara: "AngloPara" and is a very popular idol and actress,she is nicknamed "The Cool Princess". She decided to go to Japan to become more popular.





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