Pretty Rhythm Sparkling Prism*
(Puriti Rizumu Supakuringu Purizumu *)
StudioTatsunoko Production
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunJanuary 19, 2015
SuccessorPretty Rhythm Idol Dream
Opening SongSparkling Butterfly

Prism Heart

Ending SongRising Rainbow

Star Symphony

Pretty Rhythm Sparkling Prism* ( プリティーリズム·スパークリングプリズム Puriti Rizumu Supakuringu Purizumu) is a fanserie created by MikuHatsun e145 produced by Tatsunoko Production (unofficially) and is airing on January 19, 2015 .


Kikara Takeuchi is a girl who is passioned by Prism Shows and is full of dreams and passions,she's described as being girly,cutie and dreamy,she is taking every day skating lessons with her bestfriend Aomitsu Nakajima also passioned by Prism Shows and know Kirara since they are childrens. Kirara love singing,dancing and of course skating,she always go at the Prism Stone shop with Aomitsu and they one day received tickets to go at Pretty Top,the school for Prism Stars,when the occasion presented to them they taked their chance and registered at Pretty Top to realize their dream to become Prism Stars and become a duo. At Pretty Top,they meeted a lot of rivals and friends and especially Midori Velasquez a Prism Mate like them and whose speciality is dancing and is training since she is a little child like Kirara and Aomitsu who becamed bestfriends when they started skating together. With their new friend Midori they formed an unit and meeted a lot of rivals from Dear Crown but that doesn't stopped them to become the best Prism Star unit to defeat them.


Prism StoneEdit

  • Voiced By: Nana Mizuki
  • Color: Pink
  • Fashion Element: Star
  • Mascot: Sparky

Kirara is the main protagonist of the serie,she's cute,girly and shiny as her friends and family describes her,she is passioned by skating since she is small. She always go to the ice rink with her parents when she was small and she continue her skating lessons and is passioned by Prism Shows since she watched PURETTY's performances and that inspired her to become a Prism Star. She love baking sweets and really LOVE eating,she loves cooking with her mother and she always go skating with her father,she love comedies and do theater everytime when she has a moment and with her they do comedies wich are appreciated by all of the persons around her. Her mother really support her of her dream of becoming a prism star and because she also worked in Prism Shows and train with her daughter and her friends. Kirara is often referred as "Kira" and she decided to take it as her stage name and now is called Kira when she enters prism shows.

  • Voiced By: Miyuki Sawashiro
  • Color: Blue
  • Fashion Element: Cool
  • Mascot: Ao

Aomitsu is Kirara's bestfriend,they meeted each others when they were smalls,they always saw each others with magazines about Prism Shows and one day,Kirara go talking to her. They noticed than they have a lot of common points,they always after their skating lessons spent their times together and later becamed bestfriends,they trains together and dreams both to be Prism Stars. When she and Kirara received their tickets to go at Pretty Top,they instantly take their time to go register at Pretty Top,they meeted their mascots: Sparky and Ao and the owner of Pretty Top Junko Maeyama. Aomitsu is said to be very talented,she love baking sweets,music and theater but her passion is composing music and when she formed a group with Kirara and Midori,she picked herself to be the composer of the songs.

  • Voiced By: Minako Kotobuki
  • Color: Fluo Green
  • Fashion Element: Pop
  • Mascot: Summer

Midori was born in San Francesco,she love surfing,exotic meals and summer,she is in the Prism Show business since she is little. She participated in many Prism Show contests in San Francesco and around the world,she always finished first but she was feeling sometimes lonely,she quit Pretty Top at San Francesco and go to Pretty Top at Japan. When she entered Pretty Top in japan,Junko hearded about ger transfer and many of her victories in Prism Show contests all around the world she instantly decided than she was the only one who can enter in the Prism Fresh Stars Cup a cup where Prism Stars can enter in a trio group and than she will be the best for it. But Midori was afraid to finish alone again, Kirara and Aomitsu went to meet her,they said than in the popular Prism Magazine they saw her and are fan of her,Midori was surprised when Kirara and Aomitsu wanted her to be their friends. Midori accepted and she asked them if they can do a team for the cup. They accepted and they trained hard together,later,very later after their winning at the cup,they decided to form a group and Midori for choreographer,their group are called MuseS.

  • Voiced By: Kaya Matsutani

Junko is the owner of Prism Stone and Pretty Top,she was a Prism Star and was considered as a legend,she was the one who realized legendary muse and she was a Prism Muse. A Prism Muse is a Prism Star who can do really high leveled jumps with the help of a Prism Baton a baton with differents forms and colors and also with the legendary Prism Wings who correspond at the fashion element of the prism star. Junko quit Prism Shows because she failed when she tried to do a jump who was considered as a myth: the Sparkling Prism Muse,she trained everyday to do this jump,but she failed. Kirara said than,she is sure than she will do her best to realize her dream and promise than she will do this jump,she said to Kirara than this jump needs hardwork and a powerful amount of feelings. Junko is kind and responsible and really want than she once can do the thing she cannot do a long ago.

Dear CrownEdit

  • Voiced By: Aya Saito
  • Color: Red
  • Fashion Element: Sexy
  • Mascot: Chochi

Choko is the top student of Dear Crown,she is hardworking and popular,she several times participated in several contest to become a Prism Muse and to do the Sparkling Prism Muse jump but failed. She always train hard but result with nothing,when she saw Kirara's first Prism Show and when she saw her do one of the Legendary Muse jumps,she was extremely jealous and tried to succeed it but with no success. Choko tried,tried and tried but that was no use,she was extremely jealous of Kirara,Aomitsu and Midori who can all three realize Muse Jumps but her not. Her teamates,Nami,Kobato and Sango all succeeded to do Muse Jumps and said than they counted in all of their feelings to do the jumps,this was not the hardwork who helped them to do the jumps but their feelings. Kirara explained it to her, Choko noticed than she was wrong and started to concentrate her feelings and when her Prism Show camed,she concentred in her feelings and she realized a Muse Jump for her last jump. Chochi was proud of her with her parents,her friends started to like her because before hearing Kirara's advices she was obnoxious with everyone but she becamed more kind with her friends and she started to have more kind relations with her parents.

  • Voiced By: Kiyono Yasuno
  • Color: Orange
  • Fashion Element: Feminine
  • Mascot: Nana

Nami is a girl who is very cute and feminine,she's extremely shy and is very hesitant and is not sure if the Prism Shows are made for her,plus she hated the fact than Choko said than she is weak and than she has no strength for anything. Nami is very sensitive,she trains hard to surpass her shyness but she can't Kirara said than its not a problem because when she is on stage,she is very shy and afraid but that doesn't stop her to do what she love the most. Nami's teammates except Choko,Kobato and Sango are helping her to surpass her fright of being on the stage but Choko said if she's afraid to be on stage then she can quit Prism Shows,Nami who was very sad because of Choko and she ran and cried very hard. Kobato and Sango followed her and they said than she doesn't have to listen to her because that's not her fault and Kirara,Aomitsu and Midori saw them and they recomforted her saying than Choko isn't the one who can give orders to the others. After Choko succeeded to realize a muse jump she started to be more kind but rebecamed obnoxious with everyone,Kirara said its because if Choko is like that its because she's been forced by her father to be only thinking about herself and to don't care about what others says. Nami followed by everyone go see Choko at her house,then her father camed to open the door and they all explained than forcing Choko to do things is bad saying than because of that Choko is sad and lonely,Nami and the others go see her to a hug her because she was crying and her father presented his apologies to her. Choko said than she was very sorry and because Nami is her bestfriend she accepted her apologies and they with Kobato,Sango,Kirara,Aomitsu and Midori all becamed friends.

  • Voiced By: Minami Nukamura
  • Color: Yellow
  • Fashion Element: Ethnic
  • Mascot: Birdy

Kobato is one of Choko's teammates,she dislike her because of her selfishness and very hate her because she's arrogant and give orders to anyone,Kobato always refuse to do what she want to do and always desputes with her. And always its Nami and Sango who stop them,Kobato her do what she want instead of always do what Choko do,she is trying to tell them to stop following Choko everytime,they say than Choko is a good person but she doesn't listen to them. When all of them (all the girls) becamed all true friends Kobato was always angry about what Choko said one day: she said than Kobato is just doing Prism Shows for amusement but she said than Prism Shows aren't for little girls who like playing but they are for professionals who works hard to become better. She said than if she's here just for the amusement then she can already stop,Choko noticed than she's still angry about it and she apologized about what she said and Kobato started crying because she's sorry to always desputes with her but Choko said than its not her fault. Kobato really love birds,she loves them and has a lot of birds in her house,her parents who are veterinarians always buy her a bird and she love such birds than she decided to be Birdie as a Prism Star. And that's also why her brand is called Arabesque Bird,she loves animals and before becoming a Prism Star her dream was to become a veterinarian. Her parents who also love birds decided to call her Kobato who mean dove.

  • Voiced By: Yu Wakui
  • Color: Purple
  • Fashion Element: Lovely
  • Mascot: Ronyi-chan

Sango is the youngest and the latest character of serie,she's very young by only one or two year than the other and because of that,Choko treat her like a kid wich she really dislike. She do her best to be good on everything but with Choko who is always giving order to her and the others she can work easily and normally because of her. She's always treated like a kid and really dislike it because she said than she is very mature and grown-up but Choko is always mocking her saying than she's just a kid,and she always ran away and cry. After Choko becamed more kind she apoligized to her for always treating her like a kid and they becamed friends,Sango want to be mature but for that she want to be treated like someone mature. She's very girly and it is why she's treated like that but same if she's very girly and wore a lot of pink and purple when she's on Prism Shows she try to be mature but all of her fans really like her being girly so she still have her lovely/girly side wich is very cute for all the persons she knows. She really love baking sweets,especially cake-pops who she share with all of her friends and her parents,same her mascot Ronyi-chan love doing cute things like adding cute accessories on her clothes and baking cute sweets.

  • Voiced By: Aya Endo

She's the owner of Dear Crown,she wants her Prism Stars to be at the top ranking and make them work very hard,Risa is the designer for the clothes of Dear Crown,she push her "students" to be at the top. She was jealous of seeing the Prism Stone's Prism Stars doing Muse Jumps,she trained Choko,Nami, Kobato and Sango to do Muse Jumps,when the Prism Unit Contest camed,she wanted them all four to become a unit. She taked Choko as leader and Nami,Kobato and Sango as the others member. Their unit is called Dear Queens,and its herself who manage them and want them to become Prism Muses and to win the legendary Prism Muse Cup. Risa is on competition with Junko the owner of Prism Stones,before becoming a Dear Crown designer she was a Prism Star and once compete with Junko and failed and she want to take her revenge and is very determined for that.


  • Voiced By: Nao Toyama

Sparky is Kirara's mascot,she is a cute white poodle dog with pink on her ears and blue eyes,she has a long fluffy white tail with a crystal heart with a rainbow lining. She wears a sparkling black ribbon with colorful stars. She can transform into a fluffy bracelet with a crystal heart and a black ribbon with colorful stars.

  • Voiced By: Ikue Otani

Ao is Aomitsu's partner,she's a white bear with blue eyes and blue on her paws,her ears and the fur on her neck,she has a fluffy white tail with a crystal heart with blue lining and a black ribbon with blue diamonds patterns. She can transform into a fluffy blue pants ornament with a crystal heart and blue lining.

  • Voiced By: Eri Sendai

Summer is a cute lime green fluffy rabbit,with yellow eyes and a fluffy lime green tail with a crystal heart and yellow lining,she wear a green ribbon with yellow stripes and colorful hawaiian flowers patterns. She can transform into a fluffy green ornament with a crystal heart and yellow lining.

  • Voiced By: Motoko Kumai

Chochi is a black fluffy cat with red eyes,she has red fur around her neck and has one paws who is white and the other red,she wears a black ribbon with red butterflies patterns and she has a fluffy black tail with a crystal heart with red lining. She can transform into a black anklet with a crystal heart and red lining with the same ribbon.

  • Voiced By: Aki Toyosaki

Nana is a cute orange sheep with flower ornaments on her,she has a white tail with a crystal heart and orange lining,she has white ears and white paws she has light green eyes,she wear a pale orange ribbon with white and orange daisies. She can transform into a fluffy orange bracelet with a crystal heart with orange lining and the same ribbon.

  • Voiced By: Aya Hirano

Birdy is a cute fluffy yellow bird wirh green eyes,she is the only one to be a bird with a bird tail with a crystal heart with yellow lining. She wears a white ribbon with colorful bohemian motifs. She can transform into a wood pearl bracelets with yellow feathers.

  • Voiced By: Ai Shimizu

Ronyi-chan is a cute purple chihuahua,she's very fluffy and has a purple long tail with a crystal heart and purple lining,she wear a purple ribbon with pink and purple hearts. She can transform into a fluffy purple ribbon.


A CD-player in the shape of a heart with a smaller gem in the color of the Prism Star,it is given to them for practice or just to listen to music.

A batopon (a mix between a Pom-Pom and a baton) is given to Prism Stars by their company or their manager. It is hard to do Prism Shows with them so it need lot of practice. It also help them for new jumps.

Fingerless gloves with a heart who makes little lasers and match the idol's color,they are black and pink for Prism Stone and black and gold for Dear Crown.

An appeal who is like a Prism Act but the Prism Star enters in a door and the background changes. The Prism Star's heart has to be pure and full of feelings,when the Prism Star do it she get wings and a Prism Baton.

A baton who correspond to the Prism Star's type,she use it when she is doing a Prism Theater.




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