Pretty Rhythm Crystal Tail
(Puritī Rizumu·Kurisutaru Tēru)
StudioTatsunoko Production
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunApril 4, 2015
SuccessorPretty Rhythm Galactic Muse
Opening SongLittle Butterfly

Crystal Clear Melodia

Ending SongRainbow Sense

Sparkling Future

Crystal Tail

Pretty Rhythm Crystal Tail (プリティーリズム·クリスタルテール Puritī Rizumu·Kurisutaru Tēru) is a Japanese idol anime unofficially produced by Tatsunoko Production and is the first installment in CureKanade's Pretty Rhythm franchise. The series starts airing on April 4, 2015 and the last episode airs on March 26, 2016, marking the end of the series and making Pretty Rhythm Galactic Muse start airing a week later. The series' theme is jewels.


Pretty Rhythm Crystal Tail Episodes

Ichinose Megumi and Fujimi Tohru are two girls who were scouted by Asabuki Mao to become Prism Stars. Joined by the two most popular Prism Stars, Hoshizora Ran and Hanada Nozomi, they form a group named Jewel and work toward being the top Prism Stars together. But how can they do that when Sakura Aida, the top Prism Star plans on crushing them and being the top Prism Star for the third time in a row?



Ichinose Megumi (一ノ瀬めぐみ Ichinose Megumi)
Voice Actor: Miyuki Sawashiro
Megumi is the main protagonist of this series who was scouted to become a Prism Star along with Fujimi Tohru. She is a sixteen year old girl who has a huge love for singing and Prism Shows and is a huge fan of Hanada Nozomi, a popular Prism Star. She has a bright personality and can sometimes say things without thinking, hurting others feelings. Megumi is very fashionable and is very good at creating outfits. In the Prism Stone store, Megumi works as the fashion designer of the shop and loves seeing people smile and sometimes puts on a singing performance to see the costumers smile. She seems to be in love with Asabuki Ryouta and likes to hang out him. Megumi's favourite colour is pink and her song is called "I don't mind" which debuted in Episode 2.

Fujimi Tohru (富士見 徹 Fujimi Tōru)
Voice Actor: Yoshino Nanjō
Tohru is a main protagonist of the series who was scouted with Ichinose Megumi to be a Prism Star. She is sixteen years old and can be quite shy to people she doesn't know. She admires Hoshizora Ran and Sakura Aida so much and that she wishes to becomes something like them. Tohru is very good at writing songs and usually writes songs about her feelings and likes to get feedback from her friends to see if her songs are good. Tohru has a very cheerful personality and aspires to become a popular Prism Star but she can be quiet making Megumi wonder if she is sick. Tohru has feelings for Kataoka Mamoru and goes all quiet around him, giving Megumi a chance to tease her. Tohru's favourite colour is yellow and her song is called "Watashi wa star yo" which debuted in Episode 3.

Hoshizora Ran (星空らん Hoshizora Ran)
Voice Actor: Megumi Nakajima

Hanada Nozomi (花田のぞみ Hanada Nozomi)
Voice Actor: Nana Mizuki



Sakura Aida (桜あいだ Sakura Aida)
Voice Actor: Yōko Hikasa




Theme Songs

Opening Songs

Ending Songs

Insert Songs

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