List of Episodes

This is a episode list of Pretty Rhythm : Tail Of Muse. The total have 51 episodes.

# Title Featured Song(s)
01 "A New Star Is Born!"
"Atarashi hoshi ga umarete iru!" (新しい星が生まれている!)
Sora and Kanade are a new 1st grade student at Rainbow Academy. in an event that should be filled by Otoshiro Yukina and Yui Tanaka, but they disappeared somewhere. then, Chisato Ibara (momo) suggest that Hoshino Sora and Tsukishiro Kanade replaced them. then comes, Miyazaki Hime and followers that make Sora and Kanade upset.
# Title Featured Song(s)
02 "Welcome To Rainbow Academy Easter!"
"Reinbo Akademi iisuta e youkoso! " (レインボーアカデミーイースターへようこそ!)
Downpour HAPPY!


Naru decides that she is going to hold an Special Easter Festival just like Edel Rose Academy. She choose Sora and Kanade to perform a prism show together with Happy Rain.
# Title Featured Song(s)
03 "Kira・pata・magic☆"
" " (キラ・パタ・マジック☆)
momo said that sora will make a debut that is My Song & Brand Show, where Sora will be challenged to make the solo songs and his own brand. and she also created a brand that is Bohemian Sky.

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