Pretty Rhythm : Tail Of Muse (プリティーリズム:ミューズの尾 : Puriti Rizumu Myuzu No O) is Bellrose~ first fanfiction in here.


Pretty Rhythm: Tail Of Muse Episode

The series takes place at Rainbow Academy (レインボーアカデミー:Reinbo Akademi). This school is a middle school that created by Prism Stone. Rainbow Academy have a rival that is Edel Rose Academy. a prestigious school with both middle and high branches, where girls train to become prism star and take part in various auditions. such as modeling, singing, cooking, designer, producer and dancing.

The anime series follows a girl named Hoshina Sora who becomes inspired by a performance by top prism star Ayase Naru. And become a student at Rainbow Academy alongside her best friend, Tsukishiro Kanade. Along with Otoshiro Yukina and Tanaka Yui spend each day training for auditions and aiming to become muse.

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