Pretty Guardian Vividred Symphogear (かなり保護者鮮やかな赤戦姫絶唱シンフォギア) is a cross-over fan fiction written by MewPocky.

Plot Edit

The sailors are fighting a new enemy. But SNAP! They are sent through a portal though time and space.

They land in a futuristic world, unlike anything they've ever seen. Then...the valkeries.

9 girls, all fighting strange looking monsters, and the scouts can do nothing but gaze in wonder.

Then, 4 more appear: bu CLEARLY not scouts. Wearing little hats, carrying large weapons. The next thing they know, all 15 scouts (and the 4 little hat girls) are taken in and interrogated.

What will happen next?

Characters Edit

Sailor Moon Characters Edit

Usagi Tsukino, otherwise known as Sailor Moon, is the main character and the first Sailor Scout. She was once ported as an immature crybaby but slowly matures as the series progresses.

Ami Mizuno, a.k.a. Sailor Mercury, is one of Usagi's best friends. She is expetionaly smart, and is also a top-notch strategist.

Rei Hino, or Sailor Mars, is the third scout and also works part time as a Shrine Maiden. She can sometimes see the future, and can fight exceptionally well.

Makoto Kino, Sailor Jupiter, or whatever you want to call her, is a true warrior at heart. Fighting with lighting, she can bring the house down (literally)!

Minako Aino is the civilian identity of Sailor Venus. She is somewhat immature, but her heart can REALLY shine! Her chain of love also hurts. Bad.

Sailor Pluto was once the guardian of time, but regenerated after death into Setsuna Meioh. She is very serious but has a strong bond with Usagi's future daughter, Small Lady 'Chibiusa' Usagi Tsukino.

Haruka Tenoh is the first of the famous Sailor Twins, as Sailor Uranus. She can be a bit tomboyish, as when the sailors first met her, they all thought she was a guy.

Michiru Kaioh is also Sailor Neptune, and the romantic lover of Haruka, and a bit girly. She fights with heart though (and a magic mirror, don't ask.).

Hotaru Tomoe was the reborn version of the guardian of destruction, Sailor Saturn. She is shy, but has enough power to destroy an entire star system, at the cost of her own life.

Senki Zessho Symphogear Characters Edit

Hibiki Tachibana is a cheerful, rather childish schoolgirl. After a chance encounter with Tsubasa and Kanade, she becomes a Symphogear User. She had several bits of Kanade's broken armor embedded in her body, but began to kill her a few months afterwards. After it was removed from her body, she used Maria's relic. She posses Gungnir, as no armed gear (although she is fond of Pile-Bunkers), and her theme color is Orange.

Tsubasa Kazanari is a girl who is part of a singing duo, the Zwei Wing, and can be cold, quiet, and aloof. After a while, she opens up to everyone, and is truly a happy person. She possess Ame No Habakiri, her armed gear is a katakana, and her theme color is Blue.

Chris Yukine, a mysterious girl who has the ability to summon Noise at will. She has a deep hatred fir adults, but can be kind to others. She wields Ichiaval and her armed gear is crossbows. Her official theme color is Red.

Kanade Amou is a violent but cheerful girl who is Tsubasa's best friend. She sacrifices herself later in the story, which distresses Tsubasa. She formerly shared Gungnir (and her theme color, Orange) with Hibiki, and her armed gear was a lance.

Miku Kohinata is Hibiki's best friend. She is very nervous and considerate, especially for Hibiki's safety, but eventually overcomes this when she finds and receives Shen Shou Jing. A clash with Hibiki and Usagi cleanses her of the relic and turns her back to normal.

Maria Cadenzavna Eve is an energetic singer and also possesses Gungnir. Her relic is different, though, as it has been labeled Black Gungnir and is potentially deadly. Later, Maria uses Airgetlam. She becomes Tsubasa's partner after Kanade's death, and her ramed gear are several daggers. Her theme color is labeled Silver.

Shirabe Tsukiyomi seems to be a docile girl, but is actually a bold tactnition who will do anything to meet her goals. In episode 12, Shirabe is actually revealed to be the true reincarnation of Fíne. She holds Shul Shagana, and her weapons is several buzz saws. Her theme color is Pink.

Kirika Akatsuki is Shirabe's partner and best friend. Althoguh she seems very straightforward and cheerful on the outside, she has a shadowy past as a receptor child. Kirika holds Igalima, her weapon is a scythe, and her theme color is Green.

Serena Cadenzavna Eve is Maria's younger sister. She wields Airgetlam, and is very calm and gentle. She doesn't like fighting. Her smile is the 'very soul' of Maria's foundation, but she dies protecting her later on in the story. Her armed gear is a staff, and her theme color is Yellow, Pink, and Light Blue.

Vividred Operation Characters Edit

Gallery Edit

Go to this page to see the gallery.

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