Pretty Guardian Sailor Moonlight
Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūnraito
General Information
Created onJuly 19, 2014
NetworkTV Hibiki☆
Episodes25 Episodes
Opening SongMoonlight Symphony
Ending SongDancing Under The Moonlight
Series Info

Solar System

SuccessorPretty Guardian Sailor Moonlight: Shines

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moonlight (美少女戦士セーラームーンライト Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūnraito) is a Sailor Moon fanseries created by CureHibiki. The themes are love and the solar system and it airs on July 1, 2015.


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moonlight Episodes

The moon shines onto the orbiting Earth while being protected by the protectors of Neo Queen Serenity. But, the Moon is then invaded by an enemy known as Nemesis and the people of the moon, the senshi and Neo Queen Serenity are put to sleep except for a young girl named Selene who goes down to Earth to find the new Sailor Senshi along with Crystal. But in order to go to Earth, Selene had lost her memory and is now known as a young civilian in the city of Tokyo.

A few years later, a young girl named Tsukikage Megumi, a student attending Kirari Middle School meets a cat known as Crystal who tells her she is a Sailor Senshi known as Sailor Moonlight and that she must find her teammates and find Selene and Save the Moon Kingdom. Can Megumi do all that and balance her normal life also?


Sailor Senshi

Tsukikage Megumi (月影めぐみ Tsukikage Megumi) / Sailor Moonlight (セーラームーンライト Sērā Mūnraito)
Voice Actor: Kana Hanazawa
Megumi is the main protagonist of the series who is shy and very wary around strangers. She is not very good with her studies and is always making mistakes that get her in trouble. She is seen happy and hyper around her friends and is very good at gymnastics. It is seen multiple times in the show that she has flashbacks that shows her seeing Neo Queen Serenity whispering for help and little Selene being engulfed in black energy. Megumi first transforms into Sailor Moonlight in Act 1 and her powers are based around love and moonlight.

Ayase Hotaru (綾瀬ほたる Ayase Hotaru) / Sailor Sun (セーラーサン Sērā San)
Voice Actor: Megumi Nakajima

Tsuchikawa Kotori (土川ことり Tsuchikawa Kotori) / Sailor Earth (セーラーアース Sērā Āsu)
Voice Actor: Eri Sendai


Crystal (クリスタル Kurisutaru)
Voice Actor: Harumi Sakurai
Crystal is one of the main allies in the show who acts as the mentor for the Sailor Senshi. She is calm and collected and is very helpful in the series. Unlike Luna and Artemis, Crystal is able to transform into a human much sooner in the series and whenever she wants. She first appears in Act 1 when searching for the first Sailor Senshi.

Natsuki Takuya (夏樹拓也 Natsuki Takuya) / Secret Vesper (秘密ヴェスパー Himitsu Vu~esupā)

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