This is the list of chapters for the Pretty Guardian Lumière manga. It is announced to have 15 chapters for the first arc and is the same story as the anime. The first arc is split into 3 volumes, each with five chapters within them.


Volume 1Edit

# Title Release Date
01 Act 1 Akari, Lumière For You
Act 1 あかり、リュミエールフォーユー
"Act 1 Akari, Ryumiēru Fō Yū"
February 6, 2016
02 Act 2 Hotaru, Hot Blooded Feu
Act 2 ほたる、熱血フュー
"Act 2 Hotaru, Nekketsu Fyū"
February 6, 2016
03 Act 3 Fuyuko, Quiet Glace
Act 3 ふゆこ、静かなグラッセ
"Act 3 Fuyuko, Shizukana Gurasse"
February 6, 2016
04 Act 4 Yuuka, Sweet Fleur
Act 4 ゆうか、スウイートフルール
"Act 4 Yūka, Suu~īto Furūru"
February 6, 2016
05 Act 5 Alula Hidden Secret
Act 5 アリュラー 隠れた秘密
"Act 5 Aryurā Kakureta Himitsu"
February 6, 2016

Volume 2Edit

# Title Release Date
06 Act 6 Nagisa, Protect this Secret
Act 6 なぎさ、秘密を守れ
"Act 6 Nagisa, Himitsu wo Mamore"
March 12, 2016

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