Pretty Guardian Lumière
(Bishōjo Senshi Ryumiēru)
DirectorFujiwara Hibiki
Original RunFebruary 6, 2016 (manga)
Unknown (anime)
Episodes15 episodes
Opening SongCalling my Destiny
Ending SongSweet Times
Pretty Guardian Lumière (美少女戦士リュミエール Bishōjo Senshi Ryumiēru?) is a Japanese magical girl anime series that is currently in production.


"O, Light...O, Flames...O, Ice...O, Flowers...Grant us the power of miracles!"

Since the birth of time, humans have been battling it out against each other. But now, they'll have to learn to work together when a mysterious enemy appears to destroy Earth. Along with this enemy, a lone fairy goddess appears to grant four girls the power to transform into Pretty Guardians who will guard Earth against this enemy known as NoVA.
One of these four girls is Fujita Akari, whose life was turned upside down when the enemy attacks herself and her twin sister, Akane, when they were just on their way back home. Sworn to avenge her sister, Akari meets the fairy goddess, Alula and becomes the first Guardian, Guardian Lumière. Along with the hot-blooded Akanishi Hotaru, the calm and collected Jacques Fuyuko and the sweet Daichi Yuuka, Akari discovers that they were all picked to be Guardians for a reason.



  • Fujita Akari (藤田あかり Fujita Akari?)/ Guardian Lumière (ガーディアンリュミエール Gādian Ryumiēru?) - Akari is the protagonist who is always there for her twin sister, Akane. She is brave and not afraid to get into a fight but this leads her to being quite reckless at times. She is a quick thinker, energetic and has an interest in music. When Akane is killed by NoVA, Akari becomes determined to avenge her death, resulting in her becoming the guardian of light, whose theme colors are pink and pale yellow.
  • Akanishi Hotaru (赤西ほたる Akanishi Hotaru?)/ Guardian Feu (ガーディアンフュー Gādian Fyū?) - Hotaru is the stubborn member of the guardians who has many ambitions. She likes things to be neat and tidy and is very out there when it comes to fashion. She loves sports and gets angry really easily. When she sees Akari transform into Guardian Lumière, she almost gets her memory wiped by Alula until she emits a red aura which results in her becoming the guardian of fire, whose theme colors are red and dark purple.
  • Jacques Fuyuko (ジャックふゆこ Jakku Fuyuko?)/ Guardian Glace (ガーディアングラッセ Gādian Gurasse?) - Fuyuko is the calm and collected member of the guardians who comes from Paris. She is the most friendliest person anyone could meet and she is very honest. She is rather quiet, loves to read and is not the best when it comes to her studies. When her home country is attacked by NoVA, Fuyuko transforms into the guardian of ice and water, whose theme colors are light blue and white.
  • Daichi Yuuka (大地ゆうか Daichi Yūka?)/ Guardian Fleur (ガーディアンフルール Gādian Furūru?) - Yuuka is the lovable member of the guardians who is very determined to protect flowers and people she loves. She is very creative and smart and prefers to be alone since she never really had anyone to be with. She is high spirited and brave and when she got told by NoVA that she'll never have friends, she is granted the power to be the guardian of flowers, whose theme colors are green and light brown.


  • Alula (アリュラー Aryurā?) - A lone fairy goddess.


  • Lae (ラーエー Rāē?)
  • Haine (ハイン Hain?)

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Fujita Akane (藤田あかね Fujita Akane?) - Akane is Akari's twin sister and was killed by Lae, a denizen of NoVA, when she was on her way home from shopping with her sister. She was known to be physically weak and always there to help others. She always made sure Akane didn't become reckless.
  • Shimamura Nagisa (島村なぎさ Shimamura Nagisa?) - Akari and Akane's friend from school. Nagisa is very close with the twins and is always there is help Akari through her pain to get over her sister's death. Once he finds out who the Guardians are, he does everything he can to help them from the sidelines.





Pretty Guardian Lumière Manga Chapters

The Pretty Guardian Lumière manga is written and illustrated by Fujiwara Hibiki which has the same characters as the anime and is the source material that the anime follows.


Pretty Guardian Lumière episodes

Pretty Guardian Lumière will begin airing on Echo*TV sometime in 2016. The opening theme song is "Calling my Destiny" (Calling my Destiny?) sung by Hayashibara Megumi while the ending theme is "Sweet Times" (すうぃーとたいむす Suu~īto Taimusu?) sung by the voice actresses of Akari, Hotaru, Fuyuko and Yuuka.



  • Fujiwara Hibiki reveals that Pretty Guardian Lumière was in fact inspired by Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal and that the show will have a few things throughout it that will scream "Sailor Moon".



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