Pretty Cure! Prince Royal Switch! (プリキュア! プリンスロイヤルスイッチ! Purikyua! Purinsu Roiyaru Suitchi!?) is the official transformation phrase used by the Cures in Happy! Prince PreCure. In order to transform, the boys need their Prince Link and their Prince Jewel Keys. In Prince Charming Glitter Force, the phrase is, "Glitter Force, Prince Transform!"

"Pretty Cure! Prince Royal Switch!" is also the name of the transformation tracks found in the original soundtracks as well as Pretty Cure All Stars: Protect the Dream Crystal , and Super Hero New Stage: Shining Light Around the World . The music piece also contains a sample of MarioKart 64's Rainbow Road track that is heard in the beginning and the end of the piece.

Debut Sequences and Full AppearancesEdit



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