The Precure Amulets are items found in the Pretty Cure series: Fairy! Love! Pretty Cure.


There are 3 that are only know at the moment but they all look different from each other.  And they are mainly used for transformations and attacks.

Fairy Heart Rod- This has 2 heart shaped ends and a jewel on top, it is completely pink.  It is used by Cure SweetHeart to tranform and do her magic attacks.

Fairy Blue Perfume- It is a beautiful blue perfume bottle used by Cure BlueFire to transform and do her magic attacks.  It was given to her by Song.

Fairy Earth Stone- It is said to be a little green stone with the power of earth.  It is used by Cure EarthMint to transform and do her magic attacks.  


  • The items appear to be based on other items from the Pretty Cure franchise.
  • There have been leaked photos of an unknown device.


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