Powerful Pretty Cure Quartet!
(Pawafuru Purikyua Karutetto!)
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Kanade
Episodes49 Episodes
Powerful Pretty Cure Quartet! (パワフルプリキュアカルテット! Pawafuru Purikyua Karutetto!) is a Japanese magical girl anime created by CureKanade. The series is similar to SailorMoon1616's series, Magic! PreCure! 4.

The series' motifs are magic, fantasy, fairy tales, romance, rainbows and dreams.


Powerful Pretty Cure Quartet! Episodes

When an evil enemy named Never After appears and causes havoc in the town of Kirara, four girls are chosen to become the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure by four magical creatures.
Join the four girls in their adventure as they experience magic, dreams and love.


Pretty Cures

Tsujimura Anzu/ Cure Cutie

Anzu is a kind, friendly girl who is in her student year of middle school. She is very smart and popular and she has a strong sense of justice, as well as a will to help/protect anyone who needs her. As Cure Cutie, her theme colour is pink and at first, she had no idea how to control her powers but eventually she was able too. Anzu introduces herself as "The bright magical girl of magic! Lapuripara! Cure Cutie!".

Hoshimiya Madoka/ Cure Power

Madoka is an outgoing and kind girl who hates not being able to help other students or adults out with things that are important. She is very good at acting and drawing and can get quite nervous when about to perform a play or show people her artwork. As Cure Power, her theme colour is lilac and when she first became a Cure, she instantly knew how to fight. Madoka introduces herself as "The brilliant magic for superheros! Ruramagika! Cure Power!".

Hayashi Ella/ Cure Spell

Ella is very mature who is friendly to everyone, even if they're strangers. She comes from America and she is a famous idol from over in Hollywood. She can play many instruments and can be seen singing almost all the time. When angry, Ella can be very angry and isn't  a fan of magical girls. As Cure Spell, her theme colour is blue and she really hates fighting a Cure. Ella introduces herself as "The magical singer of all songs! Rararipura! Cure Spell!".

Nijino Otoha/ Cure Siren/ Dark Siren

Otoha is a calm and serious girl who hates fighting with a group, thinking it'll slow her down. Her since she was younger, she has been alone and doesn't seem to mind. She is good at gymnastics and doing magic tricks. She was born a Pretty Cure and due to her rude nature, she becomes Dark Siren but is soon saved from Anzu's words. As Cure Siren, her theme colour is yellow and she introduces herself as "The mysterious witch with the power of luring magic! Aburakuraba! Cure Siren!".



Beauty is the mascot partner of Anzu. She is the magical keeper of time, and looks after the Golden Hourglass, that she allows Cure Cutie to use during battles to freeze time. Beauty is able to transform into a human named Yukihara Miho and can change the hourglass in to a staff for her to use against Never After.




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