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This page displays the story plot of the Magical Police Girl anime Police Girl: Detective Blair created and written by Yousei A. Sina. To see a shortened version of the plot, follow this Link.


First HalfEdit

What a masterplan! In one of the most secret agencies of Japan various experiments on magic have been practice over several years. The magic they were able to ‘create’ have been locked into different object. Since the found magic was not save to use yet, the objects have been locked away until the time comes when humanity is ready to use them. The magic in this object is a soulless power that needs an owner to be activated. None of the found magic is proofed to be good. Rather they were proofed to be neutral. It depends on the user whether it’s good or bad.

A month before Blair ‘broke’ into the main building of the spicy agency, a fire with unknown origin was set inside the agency. While the fire kept the agents busy, some of the magical objects have been stolen. Some with minor magical possessions and one with major possession power. The major magical object was silver tag. According to official reports, the fire was ignited by accident and the missing objects have been kept as a secret.

The day as Blair got into the Spicy Agency, she was led by some person, though she didn’t know or notice it. It was no coincidence that Blair found her Badge. She was led to it in order to transform into the Police Girl she now is, in order to find the one who stole the other magic objects. It later turned out that the person who led her into the restricted area was her current supervisor Ueno Haruki together with her ally Takahashi Ken, who had still to prove that he’s not a spy of Takumi.

The leading staff of Takumi always knew the truth of Detective Blair and who she really was. So they were never afraid of her. However, Takumi didn’t know because they found out by seeing her transform or de-transform. No, they have heard it from a very reliable source of theirs. Their source was the innocent looking girl Chiara Tepes, whose family comes from western countries and moved to Japan when Chiara was still very young. Even though her western background, she doesn’t show anything western in her behaving. Chiara is a nasty teenager who likes to trick her friends and has no doubts about betraying anyone or anything.

As later revealed, Chiara was the one who set the fire and stole the possession items. She is the second “Police Girl” who rather can be called “Crime Girl”, since she fights against any police forces. She decided to make Blair her rival after Blair rejected to join her in order to take over the world. All of this happens around the second half of the anime series.

Together with Takumi, Chiara has built her own agency, making herself the new leader of Takumi recruiting new members every day. However, Takumi isn’t the only agency who grows each day. SpyAgen also started growing fast. New agents but more importantly, new scientists have been recruited in order to further research in possessing magic, to build a Police Girl Army.

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