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Police Girl: Detective Blair
(Keisatsu shōjo: Ditekutibu Burea)
DirectorYousei A. Sina
StudioRK Studios
Original RunMarch 2016 - 2017
Opening SongLoyalty! Inside my Army (first half)
Souls ~ connected in possesion (second half)
Ending SongFight on Kuri-Kuri! (first half)
RI VA LI TY (second half)

Police Girl: Detective Blair is a magical girl series created by Yousei A. Sina. This series features a girl that transform into a magical girl and sloves crimes.

The gernes of the series are crime, action, supernatural and magical girl.

Idea and ProductionEdit

Not long ago, probably in the early days of August, FairySina decided to do a magical girl show that features on her favorite gerne; crime. Usually, she is not a fan of anime adaptation of the gerne. However, she decided to do one anyways. To remind herself, she added the info "Planning a magical girl crime series" on her user page on another wiki.

A little bit later, she decided to finally do the anime. However, she had no idea how to name it. So the beta, incomplete titles were: "Super Agent", "Special Agent" and "Super Special Agent". Then there also were: "Super Detective", "Powerful Detective" and "Fierce Detective". The name Blair was decdided before the title was made up, so "Blair" would have of course been always added. A little thinking time later names like "Strong girl Detective Blair", "Fierce Detective Blair", "Armed Detective Blair" and "Magical Girl Detective Blair" were made up, until Fairy finally came to the name "Police Girl: Detective Blair".


Police Girl: Detective Blair: Story

"Hey there. My name is Blair. I'm a high school student whose family moved from America to Japan. Now we are living in Tokyo and things are getting crazier every second. Not just because Japanese people are crazy, but also because one day I found a strange badge and every since, I have the power to transform into some kind of magical police officer. So I though I just could use this powers to fight crimes all around Tokyo! Follow me if you want."



  • Blair Hunter (ブレアハンター Burea Hantā?) - The main protagonist of this anime. Her family moved from America to Japan at the beginning of this series. Blair has a great sense of justice and hates when people are lying at her. Also, Blair is a pretty good actor, so people never know what she really wants or how she really feels. She is a badass girl who hates cute things and also behaves very tomboyish. Due to her curiosity, she caught herself inside famous agency. There she found her Detective Badge and accidentally actived it. So, she became Detective Blair and fights for good ever since.


  • Ichihara Mayuki (一原 まゆき Ichihara Mayuki?) - Mayuki is a good friend of Blair and also one of her class mates. Her personality is the complete difference to Blair's. She loves cute stuff and even colors her hair almost every year. This year it is pink. She knows about Blair's new job and tries to help her as good as she cans. She even started working for the agency Detective Blair is employed to.
  • Ueno Haruki (上野 はるき Ueno Haruki?) - Blair's supervisor, who aims to be the boss of their agency one day. At work, Haruki is pretty strict towards the young girls. However privately, he is a lot more opened. 
  • Takahashi Ken (高橋 剣 Takahashi Ken?) - A boy about Blair's age. He is pretty mysterious and rarely talks to others. Many other students are afraid of him and rather act like he doesn't exist. Later in the anime, it has been revealed that Ken was the co-leader of Takumi once.


  • Takumi (タクミ Takumi?) - A well known gang of the streets of Tokyo. The members of Takumi usually have problems with the local police and seem to enjoy this. The members like to provocate others, especially those who work for the police. There is a rumor that Takumi are trying to break into the Spicy Agency. Known members of Takumi are:
    • Uchida Tamaki (内田 たまき Uchida Tamaki?) - The new co-leader of Takumi ever since Takahashi Ken left the gang. She is pretty tough and shows to have a crush on the leader.
    • Fujibayashi Iwao (藤林 岩尾 Fujibayashi Iwao?) - A low-ranked member of Takumi who has been arrested by Blair in the first episode.
    • Tsubomi Erika (蕾 えりか Tsubomi Erika?) - A low-ranked member of the gang. Erika doesn't show any bad sides, still wants to be part of it for some reason.
  • Dolly Milly (ドリーミリー Dorī Mirī?) - A local criminal, mostly known by her stage name, "Dolly Milly". There is not much known about Milly. However, it is known that she only likes the finest things and seems to have a big ego. Her real name is unknown.
  • Chiara Tepes (キアラ・ツェペシ Kiara Tsu~epeshi?) - A mysterious girl, who seemed to be pretty nice when Blair first met her. However, Kiara shows to have a dark side too.

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Emma Hunter (エマハンター Ema Hantā?) - Blair's younger sister, who is a first year of middle school student. She usually looks up to the older ones in her family, however, sometimes, she can't understand her own sister. Back in America, she used to be a cheerleader.
  • Lisette Hunter (リゼットハンター Rizetto Hantā?) - Blair's mother.
  • Tate Hunter (テイトハンター Teito Hantā?) - Blair's father and a former police officer. He quit his job after he got injured and almost lost his life. It was his idea to move to Japan since he though it would be better for him and his family.
  • Lauren Richards (ローレンリチャーズ Rōren Richāzu?) - An old friend of Blair, they even stayed in contact to Blair even after they left America.
  • Tsubomi Yasmin (蕾 ヤスミン Tsubomi Yasumin?) - Erika's sister.


  • Tokyo (東京 Tōkyō?) - The main setting of this series. Blair and her family moved to Tokyo.
  • Risu High School (栗鼠高校 Risu kōkō?) - The school Blair attends to.
  • Spicy Agency (スパイシーエージェンシー Supaishī Ējenshī?) or sometimes refered as Secret Spicy Agency (秘密のスパイシーエージェンシー Himitsu no Supaishī Ējenshī?) - The agency which "gives" Blair the Detective Badge.


  • Detective Badge (探偵バッジ Tantei Bajji?) - A strange item, Blair found inside the Spicy Agency. The Badge gave her the power to transform into the Detective Blair. Though it doesn't look anything special, the people inside the agency were not happy that an outside found the badge.





  1. Police Girl: Detective Blair DVD 25 Days of Crime!
    1. A special DVD box including all seven DVD Volumes of Part One.
  2. Police Girl: Detective Blair DVD Assemble!
    1. A special DVD box including all seven DVD Volumes of Part Two.
  3. Police Girl: Detective Blair Premuim!
    1. A special DVD box including all DVD Volumes.


Staff & CastEdit

Main article: Police Girl: Detective Blair Staff & Cast


  • Though this is a magical girl series, it will be less cute and magical then Fairy's usual magical girl shows.
  • Due the lack of magical girl contents, many viewers doubted that it really would be a magical girl show.
  • This is FairySina's first anime show where the main character is not Japanese.
  • For Police Girl: Detective Blair it is unkown if a main villain is going to appear.
  • It's possible that Blair's family moved to Minato.
  • The chestnut is sometimes considered as the series' theme.
  • The first opening of the series Loyalty! Inside my Army is completely sung in English.


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