パール 'Pāru'
15 (Sea Girls)
Eye ColorDark Blue
Hair ColorBlack (with a dark blue highlight underwater)
Home PlaceNila's House (formerly)
Pearl's Home
RelativesMaya (mother)
Paul (father)
Japanese Voice ActorYuki Matsuoka

Pearl (パール Pāru) is a recurring main character in Mermaid Chronicles. She was banned of her pod because its Mermaid Council feared that she might become evil like her ancestors. She proved them wrong with Nila, Sirena, Kimiko and Amethyst's help. She grew up and became a main character in the spin-off Sea Girls.


Mermaid ChroniclesEdit

Pearl was searching for shells and coral with her pod, the head of the Council was whispering about how they could get rid of Pearl. They decided to leave her behind and left when she was away, picking up some coral. She noticed that she was alone and searched for them for almost an hour. Scared and lost, she lyed down on a rock and cried. While they were swimming, Nila, Sirena and Kimiko found her crying on a rock. They led her to the Aqua Lapis Island where they teached her to use her Moon Jewel to get legs.

Amethyst who heard the Mermaid Council talking about their plan, and decided to search for her. She gave up and sat on a rock. A few minutes later, she heard Pearl's voice and shout her name. Pearl joined her best friend who talked to her. When Amethyst revealed everything to the girls and they had to find something to convince their pod that Pearl isn't offensive. Nila changed an old room in her house into a room for Pearl and Amethyst to live in.

Pearl was teached how to use her powers along with Amethyst, she struggled a lot to master them but succeeded. But using her Moon Jewel was harder as it contains a lot of power. Pearl was always thinking about her parents who were forced by the Mermaid Council to not search for their daughter. Sometimes she cried but Amethyst was always there to comfort her.

A day when all the girls were swimming, Pearl and Amethyst recognized mermaids from their pod and talked to them. The four mermaids explained that they didn't agree with the Council's decision and rebelled against them. All the girls found the Nothern Pod and convinced them that Pearl isn't like her ancestors and that she is anything but evil. The Mermaid Council finally agreed to it and lifted the ban. And allowed her parents to be with her again, they said that they wanted a peaceful life among humans, which the Council reacted positively. Now, Pearl lives with humans along with Amethyst.


Pearl is a shy, kind and easygoing mermaid. She loves picking up coral, shells and sea glass to make decorations and jewels. She loves talking to dolphins and knows them a lot, when she talked with a dolphin right before Kimiko's eyes, she said that dolphins were show-offs and very cocky, much to Kimiko's surprise.

In Sea Girls, she became less shy and more outgoing. She also became serious and smart. She is also more careful about her appearance (but not to the point of being too cocky or selfish).


Pearl has dark blue eyes, pale skin and black hair reaching her waist. She wears blue and white clothes often with flowers prints or sea-based prints. She always wear a white/blue hibiscus flower on her head, the hibiscus has moonstones on it's stamens' tips. The flowers is also here when she transforms into a mermaid, as it is a moon jewel.

When she transforms into a mermaid, she wears a white/blue halter neck with a drape like tissue, with a dark blue cuff under it. She also wears a crossed ribbon on her left arm with a bow on it. Her tail is dark blue and she has a dark blue highlight on her hair.

In Sea Girls, she wears less cute clothes and wears stylish clothes instead. She wears a little bit of make-up and a silver pendant with a dolphin who has saphhire for eyes.


As a mermaid, she has the ability to breathe underwater and stay under longer than humans. She can swim really fast, talk to marine animals (mostly dolphins).

  • Hydrokinesis - She can bend water at her will, she created a water geyser, a waterfall and a large bubble using this power.
  • Aerokinesis - She can manipulate wind and create powerful windstorms. She once made objects fall on the ground using this power. She also pushed back a mermaid using it.
  • Hydro-Cryokinesis - She can freeze anything that contains water. Under the Moon's influence, she once froze everything containing water in Nila's kitchen.
  • Cryokinesis - She can freeze anything (containing water or not) solid. She once froze her room accidentally.
  • Atmokinesis - She can manipulate weather. She created rain under Emilia when she threatened the girls and created thunder in the moon pool in a lesson with the girls.
  • Telekinesis - She can move things with her mind. She lifted a glass, a seashell and an ice block and destroyed it with it.
  • Invisibility - She rendered herself invisible when she saw a shark while swimming. She also used this power when she had to enter in Amelia's workplace.


  • She was born on February 12.
  • She loves blue.
  • She loves dolphins and became a dolphin trainer in Sea Girls.
    • Like Cleo Sertori, she loves dolphins and became a dolphin trainer. She also often wears blue like her.
  • Favorite Food: Sushi, shrimp, grilled fish, muffins, strawberry pie, fish stew.

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