NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunJanuary 28, 2016
Opening SongPsionic
Ending SongPsychic Fire


Rose Michikawa is not what we can call a normal girl: since she is a little girl, she can create fire with the power of her thinking wich is also called pyrokinesis. She almost burnt her house with her parents, one of her school's room and a shopping mall, everytime her body's heat increases and she gets a headache and everything around her burn rapidly. At her school, she's bullied by everyone and everytime she gets angry everything burns, resulting in everyone being scared. She met a guy who's a psychic, he's called Kiyoshi Anderson, he works with the Dr. Arthur Anderson his father who also possesses psychic powers. He asked Rose if she wants to come with her at the Psychic Institute of his father, with her best friend Asami Oshitsu, her childhood friend who discovered her psychic powers. With her new friends, she will know how to control her power and stop the people who uses their powers to do misdeeds.



  • Color: Red
  • Likes: Cooking, fashion, exotic food.

Rose is the protagonist of PSYCHIC, she has extreme difficulty to control her power as she almost burnt her house, a shopping mall and a school room. She has a cute light brown cat, and loves her, she is afraid of herself and hates her for almost killing her parents twice in a fire. She met Kiyoshi who led her to the Anderson Psychic Institute, with her best friend Asami, she learns how to manipulate her powers. She was still afraid of using them until Kiyoshi, Nari and Kazuki convainced her to not be afraid of her powers, they told her that she needs to trust her powers. She likes fashion but mostly loves cooking, she likes exotic food and mostly because she lived in exotic countries (like Taiwan, Spain and Hawaii) and loves exotic cuisine. Like her mother, she loves roses, the color red and cooking, with Asami she loves doing shopping, going to their favorite place and mostly everytime Asami goes to Rose's house, they like watching their favorite series: The Secret Investigations of Julia Winter. This series is about a woman who's secretly working for the governement to resolve paranormal cases, she possesses powers and use them against all sort of evil species. She uses her power for good and is willing to save Saitama from the misdeeds of bad people who uses her powers to make mischief.

  • Color: Blue
  • Likes: Her favorite series, swimming, shaved ice.

Asami is Rose's best friend since they are childs, they share lots of common points: they both have a cat and loves cats, they both watch their favorite series (The Secret Investigations of Julia Winter) and they both loves tonkatsu and takoyakis. She never knew that she possessed psychic powers until she did the tests at the psychic institute, with Rose, she learns how to perfectly control her powers. She loves swimming and always tought that she has a "connection" with water, since she is a child she always tought that water is her friend. When she was little, she psychically manipulated water but she wasn't aware of that, now she wants to manipulate it like how a kid play with a toy. Aside of that, she lives with her mother and her little brother Masayuki whom she loves and deeply cares about, she hold a strong relationship with her mother and always call her: "her beloved mother" and her "lovely little brother". She seems to have a crush on Kazuki, she explains to Rose that she loves his "rebel side" and his cute personality, Rose was extremely surprised by that but accepted it quickly.

  • Color: Green
  • Likes: Dancing, The Originals, japanese meat, Charmed.

Nari is Korean and lived there from a long time before moving to Japan, since her childhood she is a powerful user of Telekinesis, her parents saw her moving something to her telekinetically multiple times. She masterizes perfectly her powers and her most preferred power is levitation, she loves levitating in the sky and a day during a full moon, this power divided in Flight and levitation. She loves meat and vampires, she loves The Originals, she is also is a fan of the series Charmed and like all of the four girls' powers because she mostly share the same (except telekinetic orbing). She absolutely love dancing, she participated in lots of competitions and won them, since she is 5, she takes dance lessons, she likes singing a lot but prefers dancing. She's a beautiful girl and lots of boys "wants" her but she claims she is all good with all her friends. Along with Kiyoshi and Kazuki later she first joined the Psychic Institute before she met Rose and Asami, she has the power to chanel her powers with the others. She is also very good at martial arts, and is good at fighting, she can also with her strong masterization of telekinesis take weapons without having to wield them and use them in combat, she can also steal weapons from her enemies and backfire it at them.

  • Color: Navy Blue
  • Likes: Working at the institute, reading, science, technology.

Kiyoshi is the one who invited Rose to the Institute to work on her powers, he can manipulate technology and possesses a scanner vision allowing him to scan everything and to know about everything. He fell deeply in love with Rose, Asami noticed that he has a crush on him and before Rose was aware of this, he saved her life multiple times before she finally fell in love with him. He has a good relationship with Kazuki but hates when he uses his powers to make every electronic thing breakdown. With his father who is the director of the Psychic Institute he works with him and uses his powers perfectly having a good teacher, his mother is a fantasy stories writer and he loves reading. He is half english and lived in Wales during his childhood and loves typical english things such as food or sports, he also speaks welsh and english fluently. He is good at technology and is called by the others as being "a bionic" since he can manipulate technology at his will.

  • Color: Orange
  • Likes: Spicy food, skating, hamburgers and french fries.

Kazuki is the second guy of the group, he is a good friend of Kiyoshi, when uses his electrokinetic powers, orange colored flashes of lightning appears. He is somewhat of what we can call a "rebel", being rules-free and sometimes ditching school. When he transfered to the school of Rose and Asami, he was responding badly and is doing misdeeds sometimes, he saw that Asami has a crush on him. He started to have a crush on her and decided to change: he wanted to be more responsible, to have better results at school and to be more...gentle. He lives with his father and his little brother and sister: Miyu and Akira, he loves them and loves doing thing with his father such as: watching their favorite sport on TV, bicycling and eating spicy food. He confessed himself to Asami and they both kissed, resulting him to fly using his powers due to the excitation.


  • Likes: Mental torture.

Dr. Braindead is the main antagonist, he has a all new technology laboratory on the underground of a anbodonned building, since he can manipulate everyone's mental he is extremely dangerous. He recruits persons who possesses psychic people to make what he call "A Dangerous and Awesome Psychic Army" and control their mental and can also remove their personality completly. He is the enemy of the Pr. Anderson and wants to take control of his group, that means: Asami, Nari, Kiyoshi, Kazuki but mostly: Rose. Since he knows that they are really powerful and strong at using their psychic powers, he wants them to be THE absolute team. He wants Rose to be the leader of this group and is determined to it, he wants to shut down the Anderson Psychic Institute to transform it into the Braindead Maleficient Psychic Institute. Because he is a mad scientist, he doesn't have all his ideas "clear", he wants to control Earth like an Emperor, he calls himself "the future World's Mad Emperor".

  • Color: Purple

Maiko is the daughter of the Dr. Braindead, she manipulates air and is extremely powerful, her father calls her her disciple. She is the one who brings the people to her father's lab and is also able to mindshift people's mental. She is very powerful and cringes everytime her father talk about Rose and her incredible abilities, she's extremely jealous of Rose and wants to kill her without her father knowing. She still like her father who cares deeply about her, but she wants to be the leader of that group but her father wants her to be the main leader of even more powerful group. She also hates Arthur Anderson and wants to shut down his institute and transform it into her father's institute.


Kawajima Private SchoolEdit

A school located in Kawajima, Saitama, its the town were everyone lives. This school is extremely strict and is willing to let the teens in this school to be future high-ranking officials. This is also a school with dormitories, but that's only for teens who chose this option. It has a big sport stadium, a luxurious cafeteria and uniforms.

Anderson Psychic InstituteEdit

This is were people (mostly teens) with psychic powers, learns how to control them and are mostly teached by the founder of the institute: Arthur Anderson who possesses powers himself. He created a group with Rose, Asami, Nari, Kiyoshi and Kazuki to stop Dr. Braindead from all of his misdeeds.

Braindead Secret LabsEdit

The underground laboratory of Dr. Braindead, this a laboratory with high-tech equipment and computers. It barely has lights and is surrounded by shadows, this act as his main basement.

Main PowersEdit


The power to manipulate fire with the mind, this power is extremely malevolent (as shown when Rose almost burn all the computer of the doctor's lab), it needs extreme focus to control this power. Rose is of course the main user of this power, she can burn things easily and rapidly.


The power to manipulate water, to shape it and use it in combat, it is also very destructive (i.e creating inundation, tsunamis, typhoons). Despite the small amount of water in a glass it can expend larger and grow fastly. Asami is the best user of this power along with Cryokinesis.


The power to freeze things, with this ability the user can freeze objects and people, this goes along with hydrokinesis. This power can also work on weather, creating blizzards, snow or cold air. Asami is the best known user of this power.


The power to move things with the mind, it also needs extreme focus to use this power, with that user can also levitate, use this power in combat and also gain strength by focusing on the power. The best user of this power is Nari.


The power to use technology and use it, the user can scan, program and can also possess an enhanced vision with this power. The user can also create a "link" with technology. The best known users are Kiyoshi and Arthur.


The power to use time, being able to freeze it, stop it, accelerate it, the user can also enhance herself/himself's speed and can time travel. The best known user is Kiyoshi.


The power to use electricity, with this power the user can generate electricity, shut down electrical devices and can also constructs weapons with it. The best known user is Kazuki.


The power to manipulate people's mental, alter their personality or remove their character completly, the user can also "plant" illusions or confusions in the mind of people. The best known users are Dr. Braindead and Maiko.


The power to manipulate air, shape it and use it in combat, user can deflect attacks with air or use it for physical combats. The user can also shape it into weapons, the best user is Maiko.


  • The group, is somewhat similar to Team Flash: they all (almost) have powers and use them to capture meta-humans.
    • A similar event, is also similar: the psychic power container exploded resulting in humans having powers (psychic powers) and use them for evil or profit.
  • Rose has shown the power of electrical immunity, due to her being able to control fire, she also has the ability to be completly immunized to fire.
  • Out of all the characters, Maiko is the only one to wear a costume.

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